Monday, October 4, 2010

Hanging Around

Just sort of hanging around lately... Yeah, that's me- The Inky in the tree.
Everquest 2
Lately I've just been messing about, hanging around here and there, nothing really worthy of mentioning. I am probably playing EQ2 more than any other game right now but it's just the leveling deal, I don't always like to bore readers with the same stuff I was doing several months ago on another character. I am enjoying it but the server (Mistmoore) has been rather laggy lately. A few spikes that made playing, well, rather annoying.

What else is new? Nothing with me really but I did see that Cataclysm is due out December 7th. That should make a lot of people happy. Me? I dunno... I'm just sort of WoW'd out right now. I'd love to play one of the new races but the thought of jumping back into the rat race and being bored to tears at high end- I don't look forward to that at all and it keeps me from re-subbing. Maybe I've just played the game for too long, but I don't think that's it. I've played Everquest for about a freaking decade now and I still have a lot of respect for the game. I think it's the circus that WoW has turned into that makes me cringe lately. No game is perfect though.

Speaking of expansions, Everquest's House of Thule is due out Monday. I was very excited but I'm not sure if I will get the expansion right off the bad. The housing is lovely... Ah damn that NDA. I can say this because we all know it- There is no implementing of an auction or broker system (we got extended bag size instead) so housing feels a bit pointless because of that. I don't want to complain about housing since I really wanted it but for crying out loud I am sick of having to leave my character running to sell an item.
I actually took a little more time to check out the expansion and try to kill some of the lower entrance zones in HoT and as soon as I hear the NDA is lifted I will be posting my thoughts and some more info on housing. I'm not playing as much of the (live) game, it's sort of a real grind with most of my higher chars and I tend to grow bored easily lately. It makes me hesitate on playing, it's so hardcore anymore and mobs still take ages to die. I fall asleep soloing... sometimes, ok not really but I sure feel like doing so. Yes, Everquest is still very much the game it was years ago in many aspects. Maybe I'm spoiled and lazy as a gamer these days? For some reason I still am drawn to the game. Nostalgia pulls hard.

Dire on the other hand has his Shadowknight one level from the top, just in time for the expansion, and with over 1k AA points! I am sure he will have 85 in a day or so, tops. That man is a grinding manic. OMG the grinding he does, but he has one heck of a nice character now. He loves it.

LotRO, I subbed then you stopped hearing about it, right? Well... Travel got very annoying, dying and rezzing several 'miles' away got annoying as well. That wasn't what really got under my skin, so much. The skirmish tutorial turned stupid on me, when I tried to purchase the henchmen required to progress, it said I needed more points or tokens. So, I try to so another one to gain more and instead have my rear end handed to me pretty badly. After this I didn't feel like logging in much more. But it wasn't really that I don't like the game, I do. I also just got a station pass which took a lot of my attention. I hope a holiday event in Middle Earth will renew that spark!

I've quit smoking and I suppose it has me in a bit of a cranky mood, more so than usual. I want to stick with something and hit top end again. For now I'm mainly just messing about waiting for some Halloween events to come around and have fun with those. I hear LoTRO has some fun stuff, I hope so. I love EQ2's event and I want to mess around in EQ and get a few of those things. I hope by the time they all come around and go I'll have something more in mind with what I want to stick with. Hrmm... I wonder if Vanguard has any Halloween events?

Oh and by the way, I had to put up a word verification for comments for now. I am getting several spam posts a day which is really annoying, so sorry to have to do that to anyone posting. I hope to be able to remove it before long but it's really getting worse lately.

Safe adventures all!

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