Monday, August 30, 2010

Walk the Plank, Putricide!

Lately we've been playing some alts. We made a few on the Alliance, some on the Horde and mostly have been messing around on the Alliance. Just something for a change of pace. The highest of us is around 17 and the lowest 6. My son actually started playing again and made a little Mage.

We're decked out in heirloom glory and it's been fun. Something else to do. I suppose, for me, it's a band-aid on the real problem of boredom. I love WoW, really, I just don't love stretching content to the limits.

So, back to the alts. I made another Druid. Yep, I love the class. I don't know if I will ever level it up very high but it's been fun playng it with my son, as feral, who has surpassed me in levels. Our other friend,  Manatusk made a Lock, Dire made a Hunter. He is the lowest as he plays the least amount of time. I don't know if my son will stick with the game but it's fun for him. In the picture,up top, the undead is his Horde alt. I love the name... haha!

Other than that our guild hasn't really been growing but we've still been raiding ICC on Sundays. We are doing well and finally downed 7/12! If you want the play by play- Lono does a better job elaborating. I actually got to take along the Hunter this time and DPS for a change. I wasn't 'ubersauce' dps but I had fun, doing the best I could with my gear. I actually got three upgrades so I was very happy, and of course the ring upon hitting friendly! So, I guess four upgrades!

We actually downed Putricide as a guild! We were excited, while we did have some pugs, we really did well in a short amount of time! Putricide ended up walking the plank ;)

I'm not feeling so well today so cutting this short! My little Coco has me busy today, she isn't feeling so well either.  I'll leave you with some cute Coco pictures, I now have a sweet Shih Tzu.  Until next time peeps!

My Shih Tzu Coco! Yes, she has a diaper on...




  1. Aww Coco is adorable!

    And kudos to your son for the clever name! But I always thought that undead face without the jaw is the scariest, seriously, gives me the creeps :P

  2. Ty!

    Yeah I never was fond of that one, really creepy haha!

  3. so many alts.. dont know how you manage all this...

  4. It keeps me playing lol. I only managed to play one of those up past 10 though ;) And the rest were of 'the guys' lol.

    I think Clo was my 5th 80, pretty bored sometimes lol.




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