Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ready for Cataclysm? Part 1

As Cataclysm looms closer in the future I've had a lot of mixed feelings about playing. Today I wanted to get show off some of the things that have me excited. I want to play both Goblin and Worgen! I am just itching to make these classes!! Even the starting zones look great.

I really wish I had gotten into beta, but I suppose I can't get in every time. So for those of you that are excited yet sitting wondering what's been going on here's some really neat stuff I've seen out there on the net! Also the new Druid forms are... well fantastic!

They will suck us in with these delicious racials and awesome races but will Cataclysm deliver high end? Eh we'll save that for tomorrow. On with the goodies!

These are pretty neat, I really liked the jokes!
Female Worgen Voice
Male Worgen Voice
Female Goblin Voice
Male Goblin Voice

In Closing I want to say... Thriller would have been so epic for Worgen lets hope the females still hold the possibility!




  1. Oh so they added female goblins and worgens to the game? It shows how out of touch I am with WoW, eh? You're the only blogger I follow that plays WoW. Cata looks like it will be a lot of fun. I'm still curious to see how the PvP turns out. In some ways I think it will og the same way as raiding, but we'll see....

  2. These new races do look like great fun. I'm just not so sure about high end in some areas.For me high end is looking rather disgusting atm like TBC a job more than a recreational outlet. We will see. More about it tomorrow.

  3. Yeah, I never get into beta testing either :P I haven't watched those videos yet, still trying to keep myself away from spoilers (but I know I'll crack one of these days, well before Cataclysm is released)...the druid forms do indeed look amazing, but I can't bring myself to justify making a third druid LOL...btw, still haven't decided if I want to make a worgen or a goblin first!

  4. The dances were pretty fun to peek at too. You could always faction change one Druid if you liked a race enough. Not as fun though, I know hehe.

    I'm excited about some things and dreading others with this expansion. I wish more info would be released so we know what to expect.




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