Friday, July 2, 2010


I've been trying to quit smoking, let me tell you... it is not fun! I've had such a bad headache and I actually managed to go from eight pm all the way to about one pm today without smoking. I felt pretty good upon waking up. I started feeling sulky and had one, a bit after 1pm today. I actually feel worse so I'm going to try to cut them down and just give it up. It's hard though I've smoked for a long time, seventeen years. That is a really long time! I have quit a couple of times, pregnancy requires quitting!

It's hard though when I game and look forward to that smoke after my heroic, when raiding and so on. I've smoked the whole time I've been playing MMO games and it's been hard not smoking at the computer- Which I've had to quit doing when I started smoking outside. I do want to quit, I want to feel better it's hard.

I suppose I have other habits but this is the hardest to break. I noticed I had some separation anxiety when my brother broke my headphones lol. It felt so naked not wearing my headset. I like to listen to music and my game sounds while playing, without disturbing everyone else in the house. Not really a bad habit but a habit lol.

Do you have any odd little habits that are hard to break? Have you bested them or do they continue? Well I need to go prepare some food before my raid tonight. Have a great holiday weekend people!


  1. Yup Im a smoker for my sins. Hardest thing to stop in the world imo. I stopped for 6 months a few years back reading Alan Carrs Easyway but i started again after a drunken night out with my mates :( Good luck

  2. Thanks P! Oh heavens it is so hard. I really hate it and love it at the same time lol! Maybe you'll quit again one day, six months is great!




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