Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crabby ol' Gamer

I'm kind of bored with soloing all the time. Mostly I've been playing DA:O and I'm so close to finishing it up I want to hold off a day or so. I was in the mood to play around in WoW some with Dire, this still isn't a possibility unless I was to go with zero gear. Yes, I'm feeling like a crabby ol' gamer today.

It's been two and a half weeks since I first asked for help. I'm pretty much the rabid irate customer at this point. I've seen the epitome of horrible customer service, this takes the cake. Yes, I am sure they are backed up with work. Frankly I don't care. I know how much money this company makes, the problem is either under staffing or they just don't give a rats arse. Probably a bit of both.

I think know they could afford to expand the support department if it has a queue of three weeks on account issues. I may just sound like an upset customer but seriously how much bad service do you have to take before finally walking away for good? They must all be out milking things like content, patience and wallets...

Oh Speaking of milk... Look at my cow Mooooo, in the pic below.  I got a 'house cow' from my free LoN packs this month.. yay! He is too cute, I do wish he was a regular pet though. I'd like to have him follow me around.

I am still enjoying EQ2 but I thought it would be nice, since WoW is still active for a week or so more, to group with Dire some. I do solo a lot and honestly I've just been playing a couple of days a week doing other things IRL. Sometimes I take a break and come back in a few days refreshed.

It is getting lonely again in EQ2. One of my friends is on hiatus for a few weeks, two left the server and there are others who I just don't see  on anymore, if they are on alts I sure don't know about it. I still enjoy it but I miss Dire playing it with me.

I do have one companion who is always up for something. A very young girl befriended me a few weeks ago and she is a ray of sunshine. Very bright for her age, so I often help her with decorating or mentoring. I'd like to have her meet my son on his character as I know they would hit it off quite well and being close in age.

Have a great week, safe adventures and all that...


  1. Land and I will be playing Thurs/Friday this summer.

  2. Hey Rob! Good to know :D Miss seeing you guys around.

  3. Start making jewellery youll never be bored lol!

  4. It's not that I am bored, I have plenty to do. You know I'm not a patient person. I have no patience... sigh.

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