Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busy Days

I've got a lot going on lately, looks like we will be moving within the next week or so- Yay! If things go accordingly, lets hope things do. I have another blog I'm working on more inclined to my art and I've been pretty busy in the art area, picking up the pencil and pen to sketch a bit more lately. It's something I absolutely love and I've dusted off our lovely scanner and have been putting it to good use!

I have been playing EQ and EQ2 mostly. Currently I have Photoshop up, Shinedown playing and EQ in the background running with my trader up. I really wish we had an offline trader mode- I need MONIES. People come buy my wares! What has everyone else been up to?

EQ has taken up most of the play time, I've been so busy lately that I've only logged in when Dire is home to play it alongside me. After hitting 70 we decided to park there and work on AA's a bit longer. I still am working on maxing out several things. I do so enjoy our duo. Back in the old days I never thought a Shaman sounded fun but really it's a great class full of a large amount of utility. Slows are priceless, it's nice to be able to throw out heals and the dmg proc I can throw around to melee really adds up- Shadowknight, two pets and the merc- All proccing- yeah it's really awesome. It's laid back and that's how I like it.

Sometimes I miss playing my Beastlord or Enchanter, I'm sure one of these days we will give the other characters some more attention. I think I have the most characters in EQ than any other game, considering we have three accounts, although one is inactive currently. There is no other game I'd have this many accounts for!

Everquest 2
I forgot this week is the city festival... It's Halas. I need to log in there at some point today and grab some of that gorgeous Halas stuff! I've not played in a few days. The game looks gorgeous with my new video card, I really am loving that aspect.

I've started a Fury in Halas and I think I am going to be playing her more lately. I need a break from the Inquisitor and I like the mechanics of the Fury a lot. Plus I want to enjoy the good cities for awhile! So, it's nice to be on the flip side for a change. I promise to post pics of my new house soon, it is so lovely. I really am enjoying the Halas housing!

WoW has been neglected for awhile. I need to log in and check a few things. When Dire decided to hop back into Everquest, WoW got put on the back burner. Honestly I don't think I am going to do much at all again until Cataclysm comes out, and if the next EQ expansion is good enough, I might not go back right away. Only time will tell.

Safe adventures all!

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