Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lava Cows and Halas (EQ2)

As I continue to play Everquest 2 I am moving beyond the quests and areas I adventured in previously. I think the problem I had in the past was making too many alts and not focusing on one therefore burning myself out before I got very far. It is nice this time around sticking with my Inquisitor, moving ahead and achieving things I have yet to experience.

Over the past few days I've been working on the Sootfoot Talent Society faction and quest line in Lavastorm. The best reward is the mount (pictured above) The Sootfoot Spiky Lava Cow. It's not as fast as my other mounts but it has some nice bonus effects, such as mana/health regen and bonus hit points. For the most part the chain was quite easy, one part required me to travel to Sol Ro which I needed some help with. I actually found some adventurers in there and asked if I could team up with them for this part. They were a nice pair of friends, helping me complete it and we had a fun time, ending with a well timed evac! 

I was very happy to get this mount, it felt nice accomplishing something new. The faction merchant also had a some other nifty items so I picked up a few things for my house as well. I think I will head on to the Sinking Sands for now, I am halfway to 56. The quests seem to roll by smoothly and I have a lot fun along the way. 

When Dire is home and playing we have been working on Heritage quests. He has quite a bit more status saved from these than I do. I tend to spend mine quickly, but I can always sell anything I don't want back for full status value. So I don't see it as a waste. It seems two of my good friends have taken leave. One has taken a break while he puts more focus on exams and the other has just dropped off the radar. I won't be going anywhere though. I've planted myself firmly, this time, into the soil of Norrath. I really enjoy the game more and more as time goes by.

There are some new pictures of the Halas housing! They look gorgeous, check them out here. I can't wait to see them in game. Props to the design team on those, they are so cozy.

See you in Norrath!

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