Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Your Poison?

Sometimes I think of WoW fondly and sort of miss it. Then I realize I miss what it was years ago. I do miss my characters at times. I miss seeing Stormwind or the Undercity on occasion, they are such neat cities. I often wonder why I stuck around so long. Was it because it's the easiest game to jump into and get into the groove for high end? Did I really just not want to let go? Did I truly love playing this game? I ponder these questions because I became so burnt out yet I stuck with it for years, sure I took a break here and there, but I always came back. The fact that family played also helped to draw me back in.

Do we sometimes get blind sighted by goals that we forget we are suppose to play for fun? In my last stretch of playing I had a few goals I wanted to accomplish. I ran chain heroics for gear, tried to get some achievements and my perky pug. At some point along the line, about the time I transferred my Paladin to the Alliance, I stopped enjoying it. I kept playing- until one day I just couldn't stomach it any longer. The game wasn't the game I remembered it to be.

I'm not pointing the finger at WoW here. This could be any game. Though, WoW is a very easy game to burn out on. I just wonder why we try to convince ourselves that we are having so much fun, when clearly we are not. It's a hobby, a past time, something to do for fun! I think sometimes taking the plunge to play something else is hard. Some people like to play whats popular, others don't like to learn everything all over. For me though I can't say it was either of these, I just hoped it would be more than it really was, I guess. If you can understand that...
I suppose there are friends who keep us logging back in (to games we tire of) and memories. Some games offer more substantial reasons to keep us, accomplishments, time spent working on this or that. Some don't offer much of anything in means of accomplishments, by the time the next expansion rolls around all that hard work is null.

I don't know when I will play WoW again, or if I ever will. I am sure I will pop in one day after Cataclysm to check things out, well... maybe. How about you? Do you have one of those games you kept at for so long, sometimes wondering why? What kept you?



  1. For the periods when I wasn't enjoying WoW, friendships definitely. Besides that, its been the only game my boyfriend and I enjoy playing together. I suffer from motion sickness really fast if I play first person shooters, which is the only other genre he likes.

  2. Those FPS games give me bad headaches, I know how you feel.

    It is nice to have a game to play with your significant other, I try to drag mine along with me to other games. Though I won't unless I think it is something I (we) will stick with. He isn't as resilient as I, when it comes to starting over.

  3. My poison (according to my GF) is Wow. I for a long time, when my friends quit playing, found myself in the same thought plane. Wondering why I'm still playing, still grinding honor and still jumping around Dalaran or w/e major city hub you reside in.

    After a good amount of time (for me) and a few other MMO's I'm not happy with whats out there. I find myself thinking "man...remember how cool WoW was? LOL Remember you're RET Pally? in AV before they boosted it to levels 70+"

    So Wow is my drug of choice, for now. Again... I mean what do you do? Honestly, when you have no interest in any games out there?

    I guess, I or anyone for that matter could feasibly stop playing "our" hobby. Stop playing video games all together.

    I just don't know.

    Sorry for the deleted post, I always forget to click the Email follow up node. :)

  4. No worries, removed it for ya!

    You pretty much summed up how I was feeling at the end with WoW. I would just stand in Dalaran or ride in circles on my mount lol.

    It's a great game, I suppose I just need something with a little more to it. Now instead of standing in Dalaran, I am in Neriak decorating my house lol.

  5. I can't say that has really happened to me. If I get tired of a game, I stop playing, period.

    Sometimes (months later) I go back and have fun diving into the content that captivated me before but often I don't. That's fine too. I have a lot of good memories about games I've played, but have stopped playing.

    I've seen too many of my real life buddies that kept playing a game, when they obviously weren't having fun with a particular game anymore. I never understood that logic. Since to me, that's a good way to have negative feelings about a game they once enjoyed.

  6. It's something I do with my husband, play MMOs. He works a lot, so often it's late at night when we get to spend time together. So I try to play something he enjoys as well.

    I can't say I hated every moment, because I didn't. I suppose after six years of playing, things grew boring and one day I questioned why I was playing, what was keeping me still?

    I don't merely play games I dislike. I quit playing them if I tire of them. I still like WoW, I just sometimes wonder what kept me for so long. It's a gradual thing I suppose.

  7. Well we all need a refreshing afterawhile but that goes with anything. Things get tiring and sometimes mundane. You have played it forever so some of the zest is most likely removed. Stay away for a while and just go back maybe for shorter periods?




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