Monday, March 29, 2010

Adventures in Norrath (EQ2)

This weekend was a bit busy. My son watched The Princess Bride for the first time, one of my all time faves. He didn't think he would like it, I knew he would love it. We played cards and had Chinese take out, it was a good weekend as Dire finally had a weekend off.

My time playing was spent helping Dire to catch up to me. He is parked at level 23 now trying to gain some more AA points. It's a very nice aspect turning the XP slider to 100% AA. I wish I had thought about it sooner. I have my Inquisitor's at 100% now. She is 31 with 24 AA points. I still would like to grab some more before I level up. Plus, I want to let Dire catch up. I do love the fact that I can mentor down and quest with him or just help him. It's really one of the best mechanics you could ask for in a game. Instead of power leveling- you can actually work together.

I woke up Saturday morning to see him playing his Shadowknight. I was pretty surprised he was already on, trying to get level 20. We tried out a dungeon by ourselves, got spanked headed back killed some more. He got some nice loot to sell. Healing with the Inquisitor keeps me on my toes. I still, at times, wonder how the Warden would do with HoTs. At one point this weekend he rounded up about 15 or 20 mobs up and ran back to me, it was something I asked him not to do again heh. We lived but I used all my mana up and we got pretty low a few times. It was fun though.

We adventured in Butcherblock, found some underwater caves, some named mobs and did quite a few quests. He is still trying to relearn everything again. I am glad he started in Neriak as it is probably the easiest city to navigate through with ease. It's all one zone and you can use portals to travel within the different quarters.

I gave Dire all 20 slot bags, two sales crates, paid up his rent for a few weeks and put some items in his house. It really makes a big difference when you are starting out and don't have to worry about all that. Especially if your play time happens to be limited, less to worry about. I gave him a few plat to get some things he may want.

It was so cute watching him place things in his house. I didn't think he would really care for housing but he seems to enjoy it. Placing his Lore and Legend trophies and asking me to come look at them, it just made me smile. I told him we can get him a bigger house if he likes, he seems content with this one so far. He is also a trustee with mine, so he can access it as well.

All in all I think this is something that will keep us busy for quite awhile. There is always a lot to do, things to work on. We will eventually get to high end, until then we'll enjoy the ride there.


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