Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine, Schmalentine!

The post title is due to me watching too much of The Nanny's holiday week of Valentin Episodes on Nick at Night. Today with the patch, Valentine's  Day has started in Free Realms. The items are really cool, I haven't had too much time to check them out as today has been very busy! Once I get some more time, I plan on popping back in and checking out the new costumes some more, they are so lovely though! There are some nifty pets for the holiday too. As far as quests go, I have not had a chance to see if any were available. But the items I saw so far were really impressive.

In EQ there were some really cool items added also. Also some holiday love to go 'round:
Love is in the Air: Bonus Rare Weekend – Feb. 12th to Feb. 15th Love is in the Air, causing hearts all over to grow larger and larger. Those rarely seen special denizens all across Norrath and beyond want to see adventurers more and more. From 10:00 am PST on Friday, February 12th until 11:59 PST Monday, February 15th, several rare encounters will increase the rate of their appearance. Be sure to "show them how much you care about them" during this special time of year!

And.. in my email:
For this weekend only, shoot some hearts at your special someone with free Shots of Love (in-game item, non-tradable) from the Marketplace! Increased rare spawns begin at 10:00 AM PST Friday, February 12 and continue until 11:59 PM PST Monday, February 15. Pick up your free Shot of Love between Friday February 12 and Wednesday February 17th!

Today was also the S.O.E Valentine's Ustream Event. I did pop in briefly but my connection wasn't doing well with the live stream so I had to leave w/o getting to ask anything. I was pretty put off by that. Ahh.. I hope that will be resolved soon. Yes, that is another of my characters on another server... I won't go into that this evening.

Today I got one of those 'fancy phones'.. it takes pictures, I can check my email on it, even check out my website, text.. and even talk on it ;) Dire said we are a couple of phone newbies. We each got a shiny new phone. An early Valentine's present for me! As if I haven't gotten enough already. So I've had a really good day!

I'll close with an awesome song. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. The Top picture what a really Gorgeous picture!!!!!!!!!

  2. I liked it too, it's from Free Realms.

  3. I'll see your "Red" and raise and raise you "Pillar"...

  4. Oh and some "Fireflight".

  5. Good Songs :)

    Fireflight/Unbreakable is pretty good, my brother use to love that song.

    I raise you Blue..

  6. "Blue" used to be a favorite of mine. One of those with a history, I suppose. Regarding Pillar, this will explain the lyrics.

    And in turn (yes, it's girly, but it's a great song)...

  7. Same band. Another great song.

    Is it ok for me to be posting this much? I don't want to clutter your comments. I'm just bored.

  8. Yeah, you're fine. Not like anyone else is much lol.

    No Allods tonight?

  9. I played for the first two days. Loved it, but, I'm thinking about giving it a bit more time to balance out. Too much going on to get as much done as I'd like. Patience I have, with a game like EQ, but not so much with Allods. I'm still debating on how to proceed.

  10. Ahhh me too. Too many peeps, kinda boring playing alone too.

  11. Lack of gaming interests mostly. I got excited about Allods, but I did fear the business model, especially now with the uproar concerning the cash shop pricing. While I do enjoy it for what it is, there's still a lot of work to be done. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.

    Aside from this, nothing at all has my interest so I'm forced to continue perusing through blogs to feed my need for gaming news and nostalgia. Which is how I came across yours initially. It sucks being a gamer without a game to really immerse myself into. I'm still seeking that virtual journey that is nowhere to be found now.

    Do you think we'll ever have that again or are we simply at the mercy of what this saturated market has become?

  12. Actually, hold that thought please. I need sleep and my son is in need of some assistance. He's battling a bad cold.




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