Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweep Me Off My Feet!- Allods

I'm still playing Allods. Taking my sweet time, waiting for it to sweep me off my feet. I honestly do like the game a lot. I am a bit timid about sticking with it more than something on the side. Is it wanting to sweep my wallet off it's feet instead of me? Tip it over and shake it a little bit...

Hey there *waves her arms over her head* you have to charm me into sticking with your game before you get me to invest! As I said before, I am not against cash shops, I don't like it when a game makes you feel like it is needed in order to play. Potions to get rid of a two hour rez sickness? Food to make a mount go it's potential speed? Seriously? I have not had a chance to see high end but I hear through the grapevine (thanks Grimfire).

Other than that, I think the game has a lot of potential still. Although some damage has been done. If the reins are taken into hand, this game still could be something special. It just feels like a waiting game though. I don't want this to be another Aion. Gorgeous but basically a game that cares nothing about the players. The players fund a game- cash shop or subscription.

I have had a chance to really play some of the other classes. Some I like, others have potential but seem too nerfed to even bother with (Warden?) and others really rock. I have found I absolutely hate crabs in this game. The resist and block an insane amount. What is up with those blasted crabs?! Some mobs are cake to kill, others take a raid. Newbie raid... oh my what a mess. The Damned Soul is just a disaster, I never seem to figure out how it died. Half the raid was just standing there, the other half I don't know.. lol.

For the most part I am still having fun, trying out the classes to see which one I like the most. It's tough to pick because there are a lot of cool classes. I know I am sounding like I am joining the bandwagon and complaining, I'm just stating some concerns. Any thoughts on how things are looking for Allods thus far?



  1. Expensive........ lol na I cant comment really because Im not playing it ;)

  2. Bah- he who stuck with Aion so long!





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