Saturday, February 27, 2010

Level Caps (MMO)


With Sentinel's Fate the level cap in EQ2 was raised to 90. With so much ground to cover from 1-90 there is a lot of catching up to do. It's passed many games in terms of levels, EQ is only 85 with the latest expansion and WoW is also only bumping up to 85. For new players do you think catching up,  in games today, seems like a huge task? Is leveling fast enough?

There have been games that have boosted the experience in leveling. WoW did this, while changing some things in the process- mount level requirements and cost and adding in heirloom items. EQ boosted up the xp rate and added in hotzones to make it dramatically easier to level then the old days. Even AA xp was given a boost in recent years.

Do you think it is more enjoyable to be able to catch up to the end game quickly? I think it is honestly. While I enjoy the climb to the top, I don't want to sit at the low levels forever. I think some developers keep this in mind when releasing new content with more levels. It's just that much on top to climb to, older content being pushed aside making those levels even less fun than they were once.

Some games, Guild Wars for example, keep the level cap the same. Simply adding in new content to work on at this level. This can be good too. The older zones can still have use, still have things you may want or need. Though level 20 is not very high in terms of most MMO games out. Some players think this equals less content. But if you are getting to the top faster, doesn't that mean more to do at high end? Less time spent leveling? I suppose you could say that, some people like the level grind with alts though. It's a hard balance to create to keep everyone happy.

So what do you think on levels these days. More, less? How do you feel about catching up in games. Is it pretty easy in general or just an annoying grind to get to where the game 'starts'?

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