Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Allods Insight (Rumors?) And Some Everquest Drama!

This week I'm pretty much doing the same as last week, as far as gaming is concerned. I'm still playing Everquest and Allods (I'm sure you have noticed with all the Allods posts- heh). I think I play two games right now to cover all the bases. Cover all the bases? Something with depth, longevity, something I know, something with a huge world to explore- EQ. Something new and shiny, something I can hop on a few and do a little bit, something with major eye candy- Allods. And I might have something else to dabble with on the horizon.

I finally decided what I want to play, a Scout. I've been trying everything out to see what I liked best. It was a tough choice but I think the Scout suits me well. I may level up a caster next round. There are a few things that bug me with the class but nothing I can't get past. Fient has ported me under the ground once so far, or rather stuck halfway under, halfway out. Luckily I could use my stone to go back to my bind point- while the mob beat me down. Yes, you can do that or I'd be dead. I picked an Kanian, I thought I'd want to be a pretty elf with wings, but I actually like this race a lot.

A recent and interesting rumor I found out recently would be the history of Allods and how it's changed hands several times in development. A Russian player recently stated: (TL;DR version)

The original development team left during CBT1-2 Nival merged with Astrum and Following this the lead game designer left due to a disagreement with direction of the game before it was finished. Development came to a halt on Allods when bought out Astrum Nival. They are quoted to be a greedy game service platform. This is part of the reason music, bugs and animations (Have you ever noticed how the Kanian females run into the ground? Someone brought this to my attention yesterday- now it haunts me!) are slow to get fixed. So these are not the original designers- which can lead to a lot of complications and the game is such a new release at that. 

Edit- Hind sight is 20/20- So this is the rumor on the forums- found here. Gpotato says differently here. Which is true, who knows. Possibly more in depth info on the merges here. And I'm not the only one to jump the gun ;)

I can't say exactly how true this is but it has been around the net and it does explain a bit why the game is how it is. Greedy company in hand now? Actions speak louder than words. Need I say more? So this was interesting to find. It is a game developed in Russia, so those companies might not be as well known to American players as people who live there. It rings a lot of truth though. I do know over the years EQ has had some difficulties in change simply because the code wasn't known to the new designers. So what can we expect? I am not too sure. Lets hope for the best, this game has a lot of potential.

Dire and I have been playing our characters on the Firiona Vie server. I am playing (yes another) Shaman and he is a Shadowknight. I like this server a lot, so that's why we headed back there. We are sitting at 60 for awhile, packing away some aa's. It's been all he is interested in playing, he says he doesn't think he wants to play WoW ever again. He is a one game man, hard to change, once he gets set in a game he sticks with it. If it wasn't for me, I wonder if he would have ever left EQ to try out other games. He just gets set in his ways. I am sure he will try out Cataclysm, because I know I will!

The thing about this server is it's a bit different than others. The loot rules are different, almost all gear is tradeable, languages need to be learned to understand other races and it is a RP server. We have learned all the languages on these character, which I always thought was quite cool to do.

Last night we ran into some people stealing mobs from our camp. Everquest might not recognize camps, but I do! So then I had Dire drag me all over following them around taking the kills back- you can't tag mobs in this game. Which I felt bad for the guys as they were probably unaware he was pulling from several rooms. But then again Dire had tried to tell them several times. There was a whole zone to kill in, why bother us? So after a few, they told me I hadn't been in the zone at my camp, I was stealing their mobs. They cursed at me saying I was pulling a fast one on them. Ok, so now they are morons I don't feel bad for. I then proceeded to make them feel like complete idiots- I could make a sailor cry. And that was the end of that. I had an illusion on (Dark Elf- Guise of the Deceiver) and when they came in I was a Barbarian. I suppose they thought I was a Cleric? Instead of the Barbarian Shaman they saw when passing me. Yeah- a Cleric in chain! Noobs!

Now, I am all for being kind and respectful to other players. As long as you don't disrespect me. I don't take any bull when it comes to people in games. I do know when to keep my cool. For a time I was a guide in Everquest and I always maintained my cool to players. You wouldn't believe what some people will send you in tells heh. But- when I am the player- it's a whole different ball park.

This one may be on the horizon as a friend wants me to start up on another server. I have been lazy and kind of busy with RL too. So I may fire this one up in the next week or two, I just have to see how things go. /waves to Rob! I know, I'm slack ;)

Till' next time!


  1. Well, the story about Nival is not true, the part about greedy companies is though. :P My guess is that their big budget game didn't cash in as fast as they calculated and panicked.

  2. Panic, in open beta? They jumped the gun in that case :)

    I looked into the merge, developer thing a bit more. Added some to it.




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