Thursday, January 28, 2010

Treasured Items (MMO)

Treasure! We all love our loot, what I am talking about when I say treasure- Treasured items: What items do you treasure the most? Is it epics? Clickies?  Mounts?

In some games gear can still be handy after we've outgrown it, maybe it has a handy clickable buff on it. In others, gear is replaced so quickly it's hard to treasure it for long. Mounts are always something that can be very coveted as they will last long after you're gear has been replaced and in some cases they can no longer be obtainable.

Do you have some cool holiday items you treasure? I know I do- across all my characters. I suppose it's the little things that make some of us happy :) Other people don't worry about the little things I suppose, the latest raid gear is treasure enough to keep them happy.

I'm curious. What would be the most treasured item you have have, or had, in a MMO? For me it's a few things. In EQ it would be epic weapons I quested for, and a few clickie items I would 'die' with out! I think in WoW a couple of my mounts, noncombat pets and... my ghost wolf on my hunter~!



  1. What a gorgeous picture!!!!!!!
    I saved it lol...

  2. Initially, my most treasured items would have been the Pegasus Feather Cloak (before it was nerfed) and a scimitar I acquired from a GM event. I can't even remember the name or stats on it now. This was on my druid back in the day. He was in his 40's when I switched to a cleric.

    On my cleric and mage, I easily treasured my epics, due to leveling them both to max and doing both epic quests on my own. Well, I did have help from friends, as they were both done before the levels were raised so high they could be done solo. Probably the mage epic moreso than the cleric, considering the mage epic caused me a torment I'll eventually need therapy to recover from.

    Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl was another one. Pretty much anything I spent an obscene amount of time to get, is what I treasure. Not just the item, but the pure awesomeness that was the journey. Everyone I met during all of these were nothing short of awesome. I was OCD about some things also, though I can't make sense of it. I had a thing with stocking up on silk from Velk's and some other random nonsense from Nurga. /shrug

  3. Oh, and my GBS. I think I held on to that until I eventually deleted my characters.

  4. @ Janet- It really is a lovely one isn't it :)

    I remember having a gbs too. I still am getting more treasures. I just got another Mask of Obtenebration last night and was so happy. On my bard all of my masks and illusion items are dear to me.

    I remember the Cleric Epic. I was so proud once I did it. I actually did it twice, my first Cleric being long gone.

    I say I hate long camps- but you feel so rewarded once you get the item. I am off to camp the Iksar mask at some point today.. at least Lute of the Howler is already crossed off that list lol.

    I sold a few awhile back.. I will never sell any of my masks again! My Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask was cheaper than I expected though.




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