Thursday, January 7, 2010

OMG, Lets do the Oculus!

There were a few minor changes this week to WoW. I was actually pretty happy with them. The nicest one would be the changes to the Oculus. Don't be so hasty to leave this dungeon now! The rewards worth it, while really it isn't a bad dungeon, it's annoying and can be made to be worse than it actually is. It has no direction it feels. However for the rewards I will surely be doing this one every time I get it randomly. I have been known to leave it, most of the time the tank leaves as soon  my pug zones in..

There was a chance for a nifty flying mount added, moar lewt per person on the last boss and two extra emblems! Some people will still leave I'm sure, it would be silly to leave this one in my opinion. So now the most hated instance may become one people are actually excited about. Ironic, we use to comment how we never saw anyone who was like "OMG! Yeah the Oculus!".. There's a first time for anything I suppose. The changes listed below can be found here.

To encourage players not to shy away from the many invigorating adventures to be had in The Oculus, we have applied a change to enhance the rewards players are provided when selected for this dungeon via the Random Heroic option in the Dungeon Finder. Once Ley-Guardian Eregos is defeated, one loot bag per character will be provided in his chest in addition to the current rewards. Each loot bag will offer players rare gems, two additional Emblems of Triumph, and a chance of being rewarded the Reins of the Blue Drake. These fine treasures could be yours should you honor your fellow party members by besting the challenges contained within The Oculus! Keep in mind, however, that these extra loot bags will only be awarded to each party member if Oculus is selected by the Dungeon Finder when players choose the Random Heroic option.

In light of this change, the Reins of the Azure Drake will now have a chance of dropping in both 10- and 25-player versions of The Eye of Eternity. 

Another change that has brought mixed reactions would be the Halls of Reflection gear requirement, which was upped. I don't have to worry about this on my Druid, however on my Paladin I can't get in. I like it this way. I want to make sure my character is ready before I set foot in that instance.

Another thing is having people in the group not caring if they are geared enough to help. So many times I've been in the instance with people claiming that 1k dps can finish it off. I beg to differ. While gear score-level isn't going to be an account of player skill it will certainly make it a bit easier on random pug groups. Lets hope this will be an improvement.

There is the question, why should heroics require raid equivalent gear to join? Now with the emblems anyone can do this instance, given they take the time to gear properly and gain the emblems. It makes it easier all around on everyone honestly. I do think this instance is rather rough but I will wait to see how things go now after the changes before I make anymore comments on that.

The gear requirement for heroic Halls of Reflection has been increased. The ghost waves at the beginning of both normal and heroic Halls of Reflection have undergone several changes that should make them easier to defeat such as preventing 2 mages or 2 mercenaries from spawning in the 5 mob pulls, a shorter duration of the spectral footman’s shield bash, and the spectral mage’s flamestrike having a longer cast time, shorter duration, and (in heroic) doing less damage. 

All of the changes from 1-5-10 can be found here

And that's all I have time for, I finally had to spend my entire day formatting and installing everything back on my machine. It's late.. Time to go find my addons for WoW, yay! Heads on over to Curse..



  1. This is a dungeon I actually liked, but as I was chatting with my tanking buddy. I have mixed feelings about the changes. On the one hand, I guess it's great since more people will try the instance on the other hand I think it opens it up to people who have no clue what they are doing within this instance. They dumbed it down a few times already.

    I don't mind explaining the strats to people. It's something I automatically will do. I ask if people are familiar with the dragons. If they aren't, I'll go over their abilities. It just saves the aggravation. However, having people ignore them and try to brute force it simply isn't going to work. My buddy and I had this happen on the day the new changes hit, thankfully the member that simply didn't want to listen left the group. We picked up another DPS and knocked it out, no problems.

    I honestly didn't mind doing this dungeon. I've had this as a random (with Pouncie) a few times, before the change, and it was great. The people knew the strats and some even got the achievements.

    Even the times when people didn't know the strats we did well, since they listened. It's just the ones that have no clue and do whatever that makes this instance annoying.

    I already had the Oculus achievements that we got on a few of my 80's so it was nice to see others in the group get them too. :)
    In other news Pouncie has started tanking, normal Northrend instances. She and her buddy 2-manned Azol Nerub yesterday. Pouncie's confident with her rotation, so she'll be tanking 'for real' soon. ;)

  2. Nice, tanking should be real change. I thought about it, might tank with the dk if I get her up there. You will definitely never have a problem finding a group either way you go!

    Well the thing about the Oculus was, so many people were leaving it. Every time I joined, someone left. Then someone else would leave. Now maybe people will take the time to learn it.

    It's obviously not going anywhere so it's better to have people actually learn it because you are going to end up getting it at some point doing randoms, no way around it except to leave.

    Are people going to be picking it instead of random? You can only get the rewards from a random, so all that this ups is the chance that people actually stay.

    It's really not a bad instance, I never have many problems with it. However the mechanics on the lass boss with the mounted combat can be very confusing to many people. And as I mentioned, no direction, but the mounts are able to give you some hints if you ask them.

    Maybe this will help more people to learn it, making it better all around. Because it looks that the Oculus is here to stay =p




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