Saturday, January 30, 2010

Melodies (EQ)

Over the last couple of days I've been playing my Bard in EQ. I figured I may as well play some of my other characters too. The Bard is a really neat class, there's no other class I've ever played like it. It can do a little bit of everything- almost. The best thing is, these days you don't have to manually twist songs anymore (Or it would be one class I could no longer play). There is a command /melody that lets you you add the songs in a sequence you wish to be played by the numbers on the cast bar.  For example /melody #, #, #, #. So it makes the bard nicer than ever to play. And it's awesome to run so fast as a bard, no need for a mount! So many things make it fun to play, from an escape mechanic to tracking.

A while back I had sold off a few of my masks, when I stopped playing the bard as much. I regretted this, but I've had some really good luck and actually gotten them back with not much camping involved. That is another thing that is neat about the bard class- illusions.

Last night I wasn't able to find anyone on to invite me to the Shadowknight's guild, as it is very small. I did find another guild after asking in general channel. It seems to have a nice amount of people and they have been real nice so far. They seem to do a good bit of stuff too. I even got to group up with some peeps last night and kill some stuff in the BoT towers.

I was thinking of working on the Mage some. I'm still trying to settle on one. I haven't played my Beastlord or Enchanter yet. I don't think I will pick those up anytime soon. For now I am having a lot of fun, meeting new people and it's been great being back.


                        Who says nobody plays EQ anymore!?

Hrmm... Any relation to a murloc?

Fun in the tower!


                                              An ant mount!

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