Monday, January 25, 2010

Is WoW Too Competitive?

Is WoW too competitive?
Even though I haven't wrote about WoW much lately I still play. I suppose just like everyone else I get bored sometimes. I also get tired of the ongoing competition, sometimes I just want to relax and play something laid back.

Gear score, dps meters and the new armory even has a RSS! 'This customization tool allows you to tailor up to five characters' activity feeds to create a custom RSS/Atom feed, and export it to your RSS reader of choice.' You can see what the character has done with achievements, boss kills and what loot they have gotten. A bit personal if you ask me. Not a big deal, but what is the need for this, stalking?

Somedays it just feels like a job. There is a less personal feel to the game anymore. While I still think it's a wonderful game offering so much, it is starting to become a competition in all aspects of the game. Whether it be PvE- Gear score or PvP- Arena Ratings.

What does this do for a community?
While WoW is still a massive game when it comes to population, there is already the anonymity problem. There are so many people, who cares if you're a jerk to a few, right? There are so many people, players are expendable? I have caught myself judging people on gear and meters. Then I catch myself. It's not fair or right to judge people on these. These tools can be used for good but they can also be abused. This can erode an already 'not so hot' community even further.

Idle minds..
This leads to my thoughts on why people are always racing on the current content. I want to get done with this heroic asap- this raid finished asap. I've done it a million times, I just want loot and emblems. People become bored. Expansions are few and far between. It just becomes a race to the finish line after awhile. It's not just in the raiding scene anymore, it's spread across the game as a whole.

Do you enjoy some good competition or do you tire of it? Just some thoughts as a long time MMO gamer. Personally, I am not soured by it to the point where I won't play, I just sometimes need a break.



  1. I personally think it only becomes a competition if you let it /smiles
    To be honest I could care less about all that crap I play the game exactly how I want and that is definitely not dependent on my gear, recent raid, or PvP achievements, etc.

    I completely shocked an in-game buddy when I told him I run heroics because well... i like them. He thought I ran them for gear, emblems, etc. Although they can be nice I enjoy running things within a group. It's interesting to see how different groups tackle the same instance. Some do an amazing job where others fail miserably. I also like soloing things too.

    Personally I think some people get caught up with the gear, emblems, raids way too much. They feel they need to log on to run heroics raids, for what? Better gear, emblems, that you will have to keep upgrading. It's a never-ending cycle. I'm not surprised when some people view it as a job or get burnt out. It's no surprise really since that is something that Blizzard promotes (end-game) but I refuse to get caught up in the end-game madness.

    These days I'm not playing WoW too much, it's not that I don't like the game. I still do. ( I even made another toon. A Paladin, she's now level 25.) I just don't have a lot of time to game.

  2. *Waves at Pouncie!*

    I suppose playing with two competitive people (my brother and also my husband) always keeps my attention towards it.

    I don't let it get to me, but at the same time it's not the direction I like to see the game head towards.

    Aw wish you got to play more! Nice a Paladin- I'm currently working on gearing mine more so- slowly!

    Nice to hear from you as always!!




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