Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Knight?

I'm enjoying myself very much in Everquest.. I enjoy the scenery, the feel of the game and the people. I decided to hold off on my Mage for now, I will pick her up later. For now I wanted to get another feel for the game with a Knight class. I had a bit of a hard time deciding which one to play- Shadowknight or Paladin. I actually have a 52 Paladin but in the end Shadowknight won out. Snares and feign death are just too nice to pass up. I had some nice twink gear to start off with in my bank; Funi, BoC , CoM and some other nice melee goodies. Oh look, she's named Kaozz :D

I complain about tanking at times, so why am I playing a tank class? I have played up almost every class to 50+ with the exception of a few. I just wanted to do something different. Plus the class appeals to me a lot atm. I have enough characters where I don't need to make a new one, but most of my fun melee classes are on the other account.

My little SK wasn't in a guild and someone asked if I was interested. I do have two other guilds characters are in, however I didn't see anyone I knew on in those, so I took the offer on a new guild just to make more friends. The person who invited me was very kind in offering help.

It's been nice and laid back playing. I hired a merc and went out to South Ro- which is merged with The Oasis of Mar. I hit 15 there and then went to LOIO until 23. I didn't do any newbie quests past 10. It was nice just wandering off and grinding. The levels fly by, add in skinspike potions and they go even faster.

So while I've not much to report back on in my adventures, I am having fun. It's refreshing being back in the game. I've missed it more than I thought. I can't fully concentrate today so I will cut this short >< I am trying to quit smoking and feeling very agitated- the neighbor below me blasting music is just asking for me to knock their door down!

Till next time.

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