Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do Unto Others..

My Shadowknight in Everquest is now sitting at 54. I decided to try to get some xp towards 55 in the hotzone for that level. I had her camped out there from the day before, upon logging in I see most everything is cleared out. Doing a slash enter I see there's a couple of 85's and some anon people. So I take it there is a power leveling session going on. I also note it's the 'we think we are too cool for our own britches- only raid guild on the server'. I go on my way and head deeper into the zone looking for a few mobs to kill. I find a room with several mobs and pull one single. Next thing I see someone has come in the room and pulled the other mobs, they stop beside me and make sure both mobs aggro me- then they leave.

Oh.. I am sorry, did I mess up your pulling of the whole zone- you greedy elf? I was fuming, not because I couldn't take the mobs- because the jerk so blatantly trained me. Now here I have been bragging on the community of EQ for the last week. However every game has it's bottom feeders sadly. With such a low population top guilds are full of them too, I suppose they take anyone these days. They all make 'gay' jokes in general chat and pat each other on the back at each others wit. If they can get away with talking crap constantly, I can too.

So being the hotheaded jerk I can be, after I killed all the mobs, I found the guy so I could see what his name was. I then proceed to send him that would make my mother cringe. Feeling much better I then decided I'd have no chance to xp there anyhow and logged out to play some WoW.

I figure if I am going to deal with jerks, I am going to deal with it where it counts. Everquest is a game where players can't afford mistreat other players. However some are too stupid to realize this.

Dire had been asking me to play and do some heroics anyhow so I figured I may as well. We ended up doing a heroic and I got some boots I really wanted. I was happy! I also ended up doing the weekly raid for a change. It went by very fast and I got a nice bit of gold and several emblems. Hey look I was second on dps- in all my old epic glory! Yeah some of my gear is dated heh, working to replace a lot.

Today I would like to try to get my 'Champion Of the Frozen Wastes' title on the Paladin. I just need EoE, so I think I will see if my brother wants to start up a raid with me. I'd love to finish up that one.

I've been thinking of us three starting up a late night 10 man casual raiding guild. We've spoke about it a little bit. I'm not too impressed with a lot of guilds out there currently. It would be very  interesting to do, see how it goes.

I suppose the moral of the story is- Do unto others as you want them to do unto you... or else you might find someone an even bigger @$$ than yourself. I think I may log on my higher level and go train someone I met last night.. Just kidding!

Or am I?..


  1. You always make me smile, and this comment made me laugh and laugh. Mz. Feisty Kaozz. I wish I were on in the evenings, or more, so I could hang out with you for a bit. You are a hoot. Unfortunately you'll find fools like that everywhere unfortunately for WoW there are more since it has more subscribers.

    I honestly think it's an excellent idea for you to start your own guild, sure it can be a lot of work but you're getting exactly what you want. /salute

  2. Uhm, this was the comment I was writing about...

    I figure if I am going to deal with jerks, I am going to deal with it where it counts. Everquest is a game where players can't afford mistreat other players. However some are too stupid to realize this.

  3. Oh by the way...
    Congrats on rocking the DPS charts, I know it's not everything but well.. it's still cool! ;)

  4. Hehe I get myself riled up sometimes but it's all in good fun =p

    But yeah lol if I am going to be surrounded by jerks- may as well the the 'major leagues' haha.

    And thanks, my Paladin I've been lazy on. I was proud she did even that well as I am still not up to par with gear as my Druid.

    I am on a bit in the evenings, I just hop around a lot with games lately. Wish we played on the same server so we could see each other on more!

  5. I feel your pain I even meet my fair share of asshats in Fallen Earth. I guess its one of these things that we have to accept and just get on with it.

    In WoW my main gripe is elitism.

  6. Yeah every game has it's share of bad apples. None are the exception.

    It just always boggles me how people still act as jerks in smaller community- where the game needs all the players it can to survive. I guess ignorance is bliss!




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