Monday, January 4, 2010

Change of Pace

I haven't played my Druid for awhile so yesterday I figured I'd hop into a few heroics. While it's gravy healing on her, I have to make sure I am doing my part 100% of the time. I had a few rough groups, others were great.

I grow tired from pugs quickly and don't play her as much lately, there's really not much I can get from heroics besides an offset. So I had enough of people nuking themselves to death on reflects... or better yet the SPriest that dotted herself up every time.  And you know the rest.. standing in the bad stuff.. yada yada..

It's not always bad. Though it's a good reason to log off and play an alt. Which I have many. Plus sometimes I just want to have fun and play a dps alt. I love healing on the Druid, that's what she is there for. Speaking of healing I finally got around to doing some PvP as Resto in Winter Grasp. It was quite fun. I wanted a few more shards so headed out there and we won. I had a blast.

                                             A Pug Mount!

November my Warlock is gaining some levels. While I love the class I may put her on hold for another Death Knight. I already have it made and out of the starting area. Anorexia, the starving Death Knight. Better name suited for undead but I've had the name saved for awhile, may as well use it.

I grabbed the heirloom shoulders and chest for the xp boost. I'm not going to worry about the weapon, I won't use it for that long anyhow. I am going to work on getting Dire's Hunter, Fabled, caught up with my DK. That should be a decent combo leveling. Both can solo very well, duo will be more fun.

I played WoTLK in Beta, plus I already have a 80 DK sitting naked on another server (I'm too cheap to transfer her and do a race change for one I want), so I try to rush through the starting area as it is a bit boring now. The quests are quite evil heh. Killing helpless people while they beg you for their lives, *tear*. Some of them are fun, though I don't like all the quest chains. In the end you redeem yourself and it's all in the past.

So that is what keeps me going in WoW these days. Working on something different here and there. Heirloom items are so easy to get, I love it. The new dungeon system and emblems really make things smooth.

Dire and I were talking earlier and we mentioned how easy it is to do anything with our tank and healer. Then we though, wouldn't it be nice to give your emblems to an alt? We'd group so much on the tank and healer to gear them. You wouldn't have people going in under-geared (as much) and people would be more willing to go as a tank or healer to stock up. There might not be as much of a shortage on those two roles in LFG. Sure easy mode- would you trade that to be able to find a tank and healer faster? I would. I don't always want to heal!

What do you do when you feel tired of high end? Achievements, rep farming, alts? I hope you all had a nice weekend whatever you were playing!


  1. I love to explore so you you'll see me doing that on a lot of my toons. It's a great way to completely immerse myself in the WoW virtual world. It's even better when I can bring along in-game friends. always, great post! :)

  2. Thanks Pounce :) I do too as well. After reading your recent post about exploring,I found a small little nook in the mountain beside SW while I was mining on a toon.

    I thought to myself "I bet Pounce would love to see this if she hasn't yet!"

  3. A pug mount!!! How profoundly cute!!!
    Is it really a mount? hee hee

  4. No, my character was standing on him. Haha.




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