Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back To The The Grind (WoW)

I didn't think that this soon after working on the Druid I'd be leveling another alt. Maybe it was the allure of the Heirloom gear, or maybe I just wanted something else to switch over to at times. The guild I joined recently has done absolutely nothing, no raids scheduled, nothing. I just don't have the incentive I use to when it comes to raiding. Once or twice a week would be nice. I'm just not finding anything good out there either so I suppose I'll just worry about it another time.

So I guess I was a little bored. Since BC I've only played two casters for the most part, as mains, Priest and Druid. So it feels very odd not switching to a form all the time, be it shadow or shape shifting. Just habit I suppose, being able to look at my character casting out of a form feels odd at times.I like it though. I get tired of forms. They grow boring and stagnant quickly.

I finally got my mount, which I was very glad for the changes in the levels which you can obtain a mount. It is no fun running on foot in any game.  I also had a good excuse to break it in. A trip to the barrens for the Succubus pet quest line. What an annoying trip, too much travel for a level 20 quest, then I get to do another at 30 for the Felhunter. Yay...

It is nice leveling on the alliance again vs the horde. The quest hubs are closer and don't have you running all over to level. I suppose the 20-35 but is the worst on the horde. It seems the quests run thin on the horde around those levels. I like that I've had the chance to get to know both sides of the game like the back of my hand.I do think I prefer the alliance when it comes to leveling the lower levels.

Right now she is Affliction, I was thinking of going Demo around 50. I will have to see how that is for leveling. I actually leveled 1-60 as Destruction before (Pre-BC) which had a lot of drinking involved! I don't think I'd do that again. All the trees do look nice at high end, there have been some changes in 3.3 to make them all more appealing, which I like. I may get dual spec before long, still thinking that over.

Nothing very exciting going my way, just the leveling grind.
Cheers!- kaozz


  1. Affliction is really great to level with, especially after you get siphon life.

    What I love to do is send the VW in, pop my 3 dots (imm, CoA, Cor) then life tap and send him to another mob and repeat the cycle. By the time I have pulled aggro off the first mob, it is almost dead and doesn't even come close to hitting me.

    This is especially useful for large groups of mobs. Just make sure you have fel synergy so that your VW gets healed by the damage you do. With siphon life, your corruption spell heals you so you can freely life tap to keep up your mana for all the DoTs you are popping up.

    Good luck with the lock and have fun!

  2. Thanks for the tips :) Affliction is very fun, that's pretty much the line up I currently use. She's been put on hold sort of atm so I've still not gotten many levels :(

    I do love the class, so laid back and fun. I hope to get her some more levels before long though.




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