Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009- A Copper For Your Thoughts! (MMO)

So how did you like the year as far as MMOs go? A copper for your thoughts... Well, if you can get past that little dragon there!

This has been a year I've dabbled in a lot of games especially some new releases. Since I've played so many it has influenced me to to start writing about them this year. Although I am new to the MMO blog scene, 2010 will make a decade of being a MMO player for me. There have been a few that still have remained untouched but for the most part- I have had a chance to try out a lot of games, adventureed in many fantastic wolds and make some great friends- especially this year!

Lately I've pretty much settled back down into WoW, as it's been home for me since release it's just a game that you really can't beat. It still is holding it's own on the edge of another year and another exciting expansion for 2010. There are also some new interesting games due out in the upcoming year.

It seems gaming is at a real good point this year. WoW has the wonderful new dungeon finder. So many games offer choices now to re-customize characters. RMT are rampant in games, but this can be a good thing especially in the case of server transfers and so on. We seem to have more choices than ever in the games we play. Achievements are a big part of many games which is a nice addition.

I'm not going to review what was a hit or a flop this year as we all know what we liked or disliked or even what I've played.. I have pages and pages already to cover that! There are some people that hold onto their games with tenacity even if they are not the most sought after and others who proudly proclaim how popular their game still is.

For me it looks like the new year will still be another year for WoW, some Free Realms on the side. I do look forward to seeing Allods Online and SWTOR is one I am patiently waiting to see and hear more about. How about you?



  1. Such a beautiful dragon pic there!!!

  2. I thought it was nice with the title :)

  3. "RMT are rampant in games, but this can be a good thing especially in the case of server transfers and so on."

    I never would have placed server transfers under anything to do with RMT. I've always understood it as nothing more than "trading" real money for virtual goods. In the case of server transfers, you're paying for data to be moved to another server. Nothing is gained in-game. This would make for interesting discussion.

  4. You're paying for something in a game, I group everything besides a monthly fee together. I know what it means, sorry for the confusion I just tend to lump it all together.

    You are still paying for something in a game. Real money for something within the game. Pretty much the same for data in any form may it be a transfer or an item.

    Next time I'll try to have more clarity when speaking about money and games :)

  5. I suppose we all have your own point of view, but I tend to consider the fact that very few if any would gripe about paid server transfers, whereas there is usually a vehement hatred of any and all systems where virtual goods are purchased with real money.I think because most people realize it's all a scheme, not a "service".

    I'd be happy to pay extra money for additional services we know the developers and community managers work hard to bring us, but right now the item shops and trading of virtual goods is nothing more than easy money at the expense of integrity, which no one seems to be concerned about anymore.

  6. I agree. While I am one who isn't opposed to cash shops, some of the items do bother me in games. Trading cards bother me the most. To get that cool item I should buy pack after pack.. no thanks.

    I guess that is a bit different. It's still spending money to get an item though.

    But money is money. Even if it's spent on something you or I consider important and a service, it's still something we pay extra for.

    I like having the option to pay for a transfer or a faction change. The faction change in WoW was a huge plus for me. I still have horde waiting to come to the alliance heh. Some would say it's petty, I don't know, it comes down to what is important to you I suppose.

    There were people who were very upset about the transfers to PvP servers. At one time you could not transfer to them, only off. People felt now you pay to skip all the grief. It's all in how you look at it.

  7. "The faction change in WoW was a huge plus for me."

    I can certainly understand why. I have an opinion about this as well though (as with everything). My issue here is why it's even necessary. Initially, I thought the idea of opposing player factions was an interesting concept, until WoW. I look back now and prefer how EQ had it set up. I'd like the option of being any race and being able to play with any race.

    If we can't do certain areas together due to our faction restrictions, fine, but there shouldn't be a communicative/co-operative gap between the players. It just feels wrong and I feel like the Horde vs Alliance setup was really more trouble than it was worth. If anything, I'd rather have seen this setup on the PvP rulset servers only.

  8. I agree with you 100% on that. Eq had it right, the way they worked faction.

    While I love the whole cross server lfg system, it's kind of odd that it's been so hard to find a group before.. on a full population server. I suppose that is also because- I cannot group with half of my server!

    I am glad they did help the problem, the new tool is great for groups but hard on a community.

    I was actually thinking of playing EQ again. Don't know if I am up for it quite yet... Never need a tank or healer again for casual groups- Mercs!

    I still miss it for those little reasons.




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