Thursday, November 12, 2009

WoW: Fun on Test!

It seems that there was some fun on test recently in WoW. Some of the GM's ported a raid out to the Arena in STV. The members got to engage in a fierce battle with Onyxia along with some other bosses. While I don't play on Test my son loves it. He likes testing games and designing his own maps, so he is always first to hop on the test server when it comes up. So when he passed these pictures to me I had to show them around!  It was nice to see the GMs interacting with the players, I wish we could see more on live servers.

Several GMs were there for quite awhile, one in particular Pierretombal, stayed for about four hours. The players really loved him. He and the others put on quite a show! I thought I'd post up some of the pics as they were indeed very cool. As you can see from the chat logs the players went wild. Exciting and really nice to see this kind of interaction. WTG Blizzard!


Never underestimate the fun on PTR or when a GM is around!

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