Thursday, November 5, 2009

So many choices, where are you adventuring? (MMO)

I'm thinking more and more that Everquest 2 is the place I will set up camp, for awhile at least. I've hopped around to this and that with some of the new releases and just have not been so immersed in any of them as I am currently. I may not always write about the most popular or the new shiny game out there. I have to keep myself interested as well. Sometimes it's just all a pile of shiny crap anyhow. All that glitters isn't gold, try scratching the surface and see what's really there. But we have to find out for ourselves sometimes, right?

I'm sure it's not going to be the only game I play as I tend to flutter around from this to that. For now I really want to settle down for awhile though. I had said Aion was going to be the new thing for me, then I realized it wasn't a game that appealed to my gaming style. Beautiful but not enough depth for me. I had tried to get back into WoW briefly since my husband went back. My son got bored once again and I ended up playing less and less. I just can't stomach anymore of that game at this time. Maybe the expansion will liven things up for me.

It seems there are so many options to so many play styles. You just have to find what suits you. I end up playing alone mostly these days, I hope to make more friends. I don't mind soloing. I'm hoping I can convince the husband to pick it back up too. I'm going to try at least! I've found a nice guild, so I have people to talk to, I end up answering questions at times even though I'm the returning newb!

There are so many great games out there, it's tough to choose. I read a lot of really nice MMO blogs and love hearing about what others are playing and their thoughts. It seems so many people play multiple games. There are a few I read that are focused on one game in particular. How about you? Do you enjoy sticking tried and true to your game? Or do you enjoy having a variety? Or have you even had a hard time picking which you like the best? Where are you adventuring these days?

I'm fixing to head out for a bite to eat with the family, safe adventures to you wherever you may be playing!

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