Monday, November 16, 2009

Northren Exposure ... WoW

                                        Nyomi and Dire.

I had a quiet weekend and my time spent gaming was pretty fun. I only ended up getting one level for my Swashbuckler (EQ2), I just decided to take a breather and come back refreshed in a few days. I ended up quitting my guild so I still have to look for another that is a bit more outgoing and friendly. I'll save that for later this week.

Yesterday my husband was hopping around playing different characters, looking bored, and I asked him if he wanted to make a new duo for us to play together. Then I noticed he was messing around on his alliance Warrior. We had made a Warrior Druid duo before WoTLK came out and I don't really know why we went back to the horde. I've often missed my druid and asked him if he wanted to go questing on them. So we ended up doing a lot of quests out in Northrend. He hit level 72 and I hit 73. It was a real nice change playing our alliance characters, I've already pinned him into playing them again tonight when he gets off work hehe.

I'm dual specced so I can go several routes to level. I ended up picking feral simply because it's just so smooth for leveling plus I love the new kitty form. We actually found a named flying about, in the quest area around Fizzcrank and got the Northern Exposure achievement! That was a first for me. He got the loot bag that dropped with a stack of cloth and 15g in it and I got a new blue leather chest item for feral. We were pretty happy with that.

I even got 73 with the Hunter, she was pretty close to it anyhow. I still want to play her up but if he is willing to play up an 80 on the alliance side with me I want to do that first. I often miss the alliance side, the cities are so cheerful and cozy. Plus the Druid has been a character I've played since Pre-BC, before they were good at anything besides healing. It fits like an old shoe. I don't know if I'd want to heal high end again but we will see how far we get them first! (Yes I know my screen is cluttered with her, been so long since I played her I need to sort things out!) Lots of screen shots because we had lots of fun. So that was my gaming for this weekend. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Till' next time!

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