Sunday, November 8, 2009


I was browsing the net and came across this tonight; Visually Impaired Gamer Sues SOE for Game Accommodations.  I mean SERIOUSLY? ......Let me say that again, SERIOUSLY?

I just can't be sympathetic on this topic considering this is about money. Plain and simple. I'd be more sympathetic if it wasn't about money, he's also wanting to sue for financial loss because he wasn't aware of the marketplace which cost him 'financial loss'. I suggest he reads the ToS .

I've read about claims of WoW offering accomications. Does it? No, it offers the ability to use add-ons. These third party add-on's can provide options for players. So in essence, it's not offering any type of accommodations in itself. Sure most games offer colorblind options, but you really have to be able to see to be aware of whats going on. They are games after all, not extensions of a real world. The sounds and capabilities are limited to the type of play. There is an act which states accommodations within services, however this is abusing the system in my eyes. You don't see the car companies getting sued, it's just not possible to accommodate some things to everyone's special need. After all there are games that are aimed for the visually impaired.

I applaud this gamer for pushing his limits and trying to do all he can do. I think he is pushing things too far in the event he does go after losses. It is not the companies job to baby sit us, they are after all.. a company out to make money.

I may sound cold or harsh, that's not my intention. I actually took the time to listen to some games for the visually impaired. It's really a different world than I could imagine, full of sound, confusing to me. I am sympathetic and understand how it must feel to not be able to play some games or do things others do easily. We as adults have to learn our limitations and not stamp our feet because we can't get our way. There are many other enjoyable past times that everyone can do that are more rewarding than video games, when you really come down to it. Sometimes we have to step away from the keyboard and be adults.

I will wrap this up by saying, I think Sony Online Entertainment is an integrative company that doesn't deserve this type of treatment.  I've always thought of  S.O.E. as one of the gaming companies that is the most supportive to it's customers.

Maybe you disagree with me, maybe you don't. We all have opinions we are entitled to.
That's my 2cp.

Haven't seen anything about it? Let me show you.  Or you can read the article on Gamespot.  

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