Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mundane leveling... (MMO)

I'm still dabbling in both EQ2 and WoW. I'm having fun in both. I am at the point where it seems one of them will take a back seat so I can focus on leveling in the other. I keep saying I'm going to let the WoW account lapse, I just don't know if I really want to when it comes down to it.

In EQ2 I've found some stuff to keep me interested like the Spire Quests which are really neat and fluff pets.  I really want to get to the max level to be able to join in and do more. Trying to catch up sometimes can be tough. I need to find a guild that is more outgoing I think, logging in and nobody saying much of anything gets stale fast. I've hit level 35 with the Swashbuckler woo.. I need to push past the 30's and 40's I really dislike those levels. I hope to get a surge of motivation to push through this weekend. Right now I don't feel like bothering with it. However I still like this game too much to let those mundane levels put me off. I think my biggest issue with this game now is the community. Or rather the lack of.. maybe it's my server. I've thought of transferring. I will give EQ2 some more time, some more levels. It's really a great game, and I want to see the top finally.
In WoW I'm still working on my Hunter. A good friend of mine helped me knock out some group quests which was fun. I've ended up helping random people lately, it's nice to come back to this game and have people LFG. I can always log in the Paladin to do more if I want. One of my friends is trying to get me to apply to his guild which is actually dong very well. I'm thinking on it still, I enjoy being in a guild that does a lot. The only thing holding me back is my connection seems to sometimes be inconsistent on 25 man runs some nights. I will be so glad when I move this spring. If I could find a group that I could get into 10 mans with weekly, I'd be happy. The guilds I had joined previously kind of turned out to be meh. Nobody was ever on, still nobody on when I log in to see if anything is on the calendar for the week.

If I indeed get the hunter to 80, I think it will be a lot of fun. Plus it gives me something new to work on and time to think about what I want to do. I miss those days of running heroics and raids with her. Plus she has the most kick a$$ pet ever the Ghost Wolf.  I really can't remember why she got "retired", I think possibly because we always needed a healer so I ended up filling that spot. I'm considering hopping over to the rogue, not sure yet, I really like range DPS in WoTLK. Yogg is a mess for melee, I actually did that fight as Ret once and it was chaotic. I think I prefer fights like that as Holy!

So that is what I'm doing, I need to crank the leveling up a notch and get some knocked out this weekend. I hope to hit 40 with the Swash and get a level with the Hunter. We will see how it goes. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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