Monday, November 9, 2009

If you could change one thing about any MMO, what would it be?

I've not gotten many levels in EQ2 this weekend. I ended up watching three hours of House last night then going out for ice-cream sundaes. Oh what a treat! By the time I did get on, I realized I disliked the location of my house and moved to a location that was just easier to just head to, closer to the broker and no inn to go through. I almost have it finished, it doesn't have as many windows as the other but it has a 'yard' in the back where I could set up a campfire.

I think it's the little things like that which hold me with EQ2. I can go decorate my house, level here or there. No real set path you have to take. The betrayal was really something new and refreshing to me. To be able to live in the city of my choice as the race I want. How many other games offer that? It always irked me in WoW that as the Horde I could never visit Stormwind again. Sure I could raid it for the achievement, waltz in and smack some guards around,  it's just not the same thing.

I think a lot of games could benefit from the little things like those. People like to be able to make choices in games, not have to follow a linear path to the top. I for one like to make choices, change things up from the norm. Picking which race I like on which side. What else I like in games is where there are different sides, but you can all speak, group, raid.. whatever. There are no boundaries on who can group with who. No more, oh sorry your Alliance and I'm Horde so we can't ever group (Unless we pay for a faction change!). That sort of play isn't the end of the world, but it sure does feel limited. I actually felt like leveling up my 73 Druid some more in WoW for a change today. Then I remembered I'd have nobody to play with there. I could pay to have her faction changed, no thanks, I think I'll just not play her. I've already paid for too many changes in the past.  I don't want to be a Tauren anyhow. That was the biggest thing that always bothered me, if I play one faction I'm cut off from the other.

What would you change in any MMO if you could? I think if I could change one thing in WoW it would be removal of the barrier between factions for play. Oh noes the lore.. go role play then. I don't see lore stopping Blizzard charging cold hard cash to change your race or faction. I am glad that the option is available though. So what would it be, one thing you could change? What bothers you to no end that you wish you could change?

Safe adventures to you wherever you may find yourself.


  1. I'd want to level a death knight from level 1. Just to see the mechanics as a lil noob dk. It would also stop everyone having one as an alt or bank toon

  2. It might be a change for the good too, people wouldn't be so quick to make one for an alt!

  3. Late to the party, but I just ran across your blog and found it interesting. No one really just talks about the good stuff anymore. Everyone has a WoW state of mind now, it seems. On that note, I'd change PvP in WoW. In all honesty, I'd remove it completely. Leaving that out as an option though, since every time I say this to people they shut down at the very thought it, I'll adjust.

    Remove BG's and the Honor System. Revert PvP to what it was initially in the first year or so of launch. No keeping track of any PvP stats. No titles. No rewards of any kind. Then let us see how many praise PvP as a whole. Maybe then, people will see it isn't about a love for PvP. It's about a love for the easy path.

    The quicker developers realize this, the better of this genre will be. I'll stop here for the time being. I could go on and on about this for hours.

  4. Thank you! It always makes my day when someone finds my blog interesting!

    I've also had mixed feelings on PvP, if you say anything negative you're screamed out of the room 'Carebear'. My biggest beef is how much of an impact it has had on PvE.

    Very interesting idea of yours, I wonder how people would react if it was reverted.

    I always say, how many PvP based games have made it big?

  5. I'm almost certain how they would react. The majority, at least, would not PvP. Those who vehemently defend it now, do so as a result of the rewards they've acquired with such ease through PvP.

    I know it may not seem like it, but I'm not completely against PvP as a whole. I'm against rewarded PvP specifically on a PvE server. If you want to have things just as they are now on a PvP server, fine, but don't impose that nonsense on a PvE server where it will cause nothing but issues.

    Overall, I thought WoW was great for what it was, minus a handful of issues I couldn't cope with, not least of which was how they planted the PvP seed on "Normal" servers. But honestly, I think all of the issues I had with WoW all stemmed from that PvP seed.

  6. I agree, I have mixed feelings myself. I cringe every time a class I play gets nerfed because of Arena. When it comes down to it, who really likes it?




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