Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Five things you don't want to miss!

Five years ago what were you playing? Were you having more fun then.. or now? Five years ago I was playing Everquest, then I moved onto World of Warcraft when it released. It's been a long fun filled journey! Five years later I'm still playing WoW and now play EQ2 more than the original.


The main form of gaming entertainment for me is still WoW.  The five year anniversary was kicked off with Pilgrim's Bounty which has been great. This week I managed to get the Pilgrim title and Plump turkey pet with my Druid and Hunter. I thought about getting it for my neglected Pally, I don't know if I can take anymore turkey though! It has been a really nice event, much nicer than I thought it would be, getting achievements. At first glance I thought it would be more of a pain. I didn't have much trouble getting the Turkinator with my chars, I did it at like 4am.. When I tried to do it for the hubby's warrior prime time, I wanted to pull my hair out. It was also much easier nabbing 'turtreys' (My dad use to call them this and I always thought it was hilarious), as ranged class. The warrior was fine.. when charge wasn't on cd.

I was surprised to find every seat full in Tb when I went to sit at the table for my last achievement yesterday. I don't know what was going on with that, when I'm on horde nobody 'hangs out there' it's way out in BFE.. So I snuck up in cat form while watching another Druid run up in the middle of Horde Central. They all hopped out of their chairs to kill her so I pounced into one now available chair. Bling Bling! Achievement! Two seconds later they noticed me and I was dead. I didn't attack one person this season, I felt bad for them, the alliance side seemed easier, no guards attacking us. You can tell when someone is kind of nervous, skittering around the opposing side trying to get into a chair w/o getting into combat (in combat you can't sit in a chair). I however was attacked several times but by then I'd gotten what I needed so whoopee doo kill me.. the little lowbie 74. You showed me! All ten of you! Har har.. I know I'm so funny.

My Hunter is now 74 along with Druid. Switching factions with the hunter was actually cool when you consider reputations. My Hunter is the older character and almost Exalted with all the alliance factions. Having said that, I get to do all the alliance quests for faction which makes it even easier to max out. I finished up Stormwind last night and got me a pretty palomino. I only have two left sitting a bit into revered. Those won't be hard at all to max once I'm able to do the Argent dailys.

I even decided to try for baron's mount ( it seems cooler on the alliance since I no longer have my 'dead pony mount') with the Hunter. It proved to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I'm so use to facerolling through old instances on the Paladin! I actually had to let the pet tank as I'm not 80 yet on her, but my wolfie did a good job. Imagine the Baroness still mind controlling me at 74! She ran me into a bunch of mobs and had me melee my pet to death, which took a bit. Poor little fella. I just ended up having to kill her without the pet.

I still have not decided which I want to play mainly, so I'm playing them both up. The Hunter is so nice soloing and the Druid is so nice duoing with the Warrior. I want to get one to 80 then work up the other but I just can't pick which. I am enjoying leveling up again and being on the Alliance, it's refreshing.

Another five year anniversary you don't want to miss! I have not forgotten EQ2, just been so busy with WoW in my play time. I will have to log in tonight though because there are anniversary events! From the patch notes:

"EVERQUEST II FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT The Heroes' Festival has begun!  A call has gone out to all Norrathian adventurers to commemorate the five years that have passed since the Refuge Islands first began collecting those lost in the turbulent oceans.  Celebrators, happy to share in the festivities, can be found in North and South Qeynos or West and South Freeport."

I'm going out this evening but I hope to have some time when I get back in to play a bit.. tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I may be able to get some time in tomorrow night if not. I can't wait to check those out!

It's been awhile since I spoke on Aion. I had some issues with it and figured it might be something to come back to later. From reading here and there I have heard some great stuff in store. With the quest xp boosted it seems to be a nice improvement from the grind. I have heard about some changes that look to be in the future that may add more depth to this game. Player housing and mounts. Along with graphic enhancement, as if this game wasn't stunning enough as it is.. If you haven't seen the video Aion Vision it's well worth watching to see whats in store. Would I ever revisit Aion, perhaps in time. These changes definitely make me more interested.

Some cool things I noticed would be swimming was added (!!), the player housing looked .. I can only say wow.. combat looked more interactive,  and I loved the mounts. It even looks as if you tame them.. very nice.  I will definately keep tabs on this stuff, props to NCSoft for working hard on evolving this beautiful game. I've had beef about certain aspects within the game but it really looks like things might be looking good in the future with Aion. We will have to see what the future brings, I am actually looking forward to all these changes!

Champions Online
Champions has some more free play instore for the holiday weekend! "That’s right, from Thursday, November 26 at 10:00 a.m. PST, through Monday, November 30 at 10:00 a.m. PST, you can play to your heart’s content. We’ve got all sorts of new stuff for you to check out, including our newest lair, the Nemesis Confrontation! Sign up now! It looks like a fun weekend worth checking out.

Age of Conan
Awhile back I was ranting on games offering you to come back with a measly xp boost to go with the free time every other game offers.. AoC actually beefed this come back deal up with 100% xp. That is really tempting. If you reactivate before November 27th. This is a really fantastic deal to catch up.

Want a chance to win free AoC playtime? You can win one year of AoC playtime by entering this giveaway. Check it out at out to enter.

I hope you all have a fine Thanksgiving!
In the words of Porky Pig..
That's all Folks!

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