Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day of the Dead.. (MMO)

Today and Tomorrow in WoW it's Day of the Dead. There's a couple of cool things you can do like get the achievement and acquire a marionette pet (a tiny skeleton, you can see him in the screen shot above). Sadly the pet is only usable on Day of the Dead. My husband keeps asking me to play some WoW this week. I may spend some time on it later this week. I was thinking of working on the rogue or paladin.

For now I'm still trying to hit some more levels in EQ2. I'm still sort of lost as I advance. Some things are starting to come back. Sometimes I have to hunt around for a quest or look it up on Zam or the EQ2wiki. I'm not very familiar with these areas. Once I get rolling it's lots of fun. Last night I noticed I had several rewards to claim. A few items for the house and my one year Veteran reward! I liked that one a lot, the title 'The Loyal'. I end up soloing a lot, my guild is leagues away in levels and always seem busy. The people I played with have not been on in so long. Maybe as I level I will make some more friends.

EQ2 isn't as mainstream as WoW but it's really fun and solid. It offers rewarding things to the players, heirloom items, pets, fun spells, housing, titles, achievements, guild halls, appearance tabs and more. The appearance tab is really great. Finally a game I can have a look I want and keep it. No more mismatched armor, or wearing something that looks really silly but has great stats.

In Free Realms I've gotten some really nifty things from the sponsored items claims. I just got a doggy fairy suit last night which is adorable. I haven't had too much time to play but I hop on for a few each day to do this or that. I really wish they would hurry it up with the housing!

So that's it for today, nothing else new worth mention. Till next time!

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