Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dark light of the Moon.. Decree's Story (MMO)

I often read the EQ2 forums and I saw mention of player written books. This piqued my interest as I love to write. I'm not really into RP but I do fancy a story for my character sometimes. So today I'd like to showcase an in-game book. I hope you enjoy it, it's merely about how my character, Decree, who is a swashbuckler and how she ended up in Qeynos from Neriak. If you would like to see it in game, I'm at 2 Lucie Street, Qeynos.(Mistmoore Server).

As the wind howled a stranger entered through the gates of Qeynos on this chill eve. Lightning lit the sky up and a slender shape could be seen on a mount dark as night. A long time had passed since she had traveled the lands of Norrath, she pulled her cloak tight around her shoulders, looking around wondering is she had made the right choice to come back. From the dark light of the moon the guards noticed her inky blue skin. The guard dog, Velan, growled at her sensing she didn't belong. A flash of steel showed at her waist as she pulled her hand out, it was only a letter meant for the queen, a dagger on her hip gleaming behind it.

"You may pass", said the guard. The stranger nodded and nudged her dark horse forward. Most of her life she had spent traveling around Norrath. She often ventured out to worlds beyond but she always came home to Norrath. This time she left her homeland, Neriak. The only home she had known for almost a decade. Tired of the shadows and the darkness, she craved a different life. She had been many things in her life time filled many roles. This time she wanted a simple life in Qeynos as a Swashbuckler. She preferred to stick to the shadows on her travels. Maybe it was time to set up camp finally and make a real home...

She looked to a note from her pouch, mentally noted the address, prodded her tired horse up the street a ways up. She came to a stop in front of a quaint house on Lucie Street. She was greeted by a shadowy shape who stepped out of bushes. It bowed low, springing around spryly... one of the Lively Scarecrows that had been animated to do her bidding around the house. She nodded to it and slid off her horse, handing it the reigns.

Digging for the key in her pouch she noted the front windows glowed with a soft warm light, she hoped for a toasty fire and some elven wine to cheer her spirits. She was tired from her long trip from Haven. Living in a cold dimly lit cave during her transition from exile to Qeynos. Wish a sigh she unlocked the door and stepped in. Upon entering the door another Animated servant met her, helping her out of her soggy cloak and steering her towards the fire. Beside the chair was a glass of wine waiting. Soft down filled pillows invited her to rest in the chair. She looked around seeing all her possessions had arrived before her, as promised. 

Sipping her wine and staring into the roaring fire she leaned back into the chair and reflected on her journey to the present. She had always wanted such a fine home to return to after her journeys. She wondered of the adventures ahead, what the new neighbors would be like. Would she meet any other adventures to journey across Norrath with?

And that is her story how she, the dark elf, came to the grand city of Qeynos. Seeking adventure and friends. Wandering for decades until she found her place. Here, now. Her name is Decree. If you pass her in the city, remember she is looking for adventures, much as you are, she is in a strange place unknown and almost unnatural to her. Maybe return her smirk with a greeting, she is in your town, the stranger... You were, after all, the one to curiously pick up her book...

...The rest of the pages are blank, as if waiting for words to be written on the smooth pages.

...The fire crackles and pops, the shadows dance upon the wall and the images of the night fade from your thoughts,  you hear the animated servant shuffle across the room... you focus now on the words you are reading... Remembering where you are... a faint smile crosses your lips and you return to shuffling through the goods in the crate. You think to yourself, you just might keep this book.....

See you in Norrath!
-Decree- aka- Kaozz

If you're curious about player written books you can find out more here.




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