Daily Humdrum.. and some scribbles (MMO)

In my free time lately I've been trying to get a few levels here and there in EQ2 still on my little Swashbuckler. There is currently still a 20% bonus to xp so that is pushing it along nicely. It seems at 32 some places are too high and others too low, I've been hopping around trying to find a good place to level. I remember disliking the 30's previously while leveling through them. I hope it evens out where I can quest and not have to jump around so much. I end up taking a lot of time to look up quests to do because I just cannot remember where to go. When I've had enough I just end up logging off trying not to burn out on it. Sometimes I can only take so much exploring alone in this quiet world.I did find a good resource tonight from the EQ2 wiki, a Solo Timelines list here. Maybe that will help me move along some!

When that happens if I'm still in the mood to play, lately I end up logging in my Hunter (WoW) and slowly getting her towards 73. She is halfway there. I did some quests in Northrend last night. The Hunter is so laid back I remember why I use to like her so much. Out of the blue I had a group ask me if I was interested in doing AN. My first thought was, nah I'll pass but halfway through writing that replay I changed my mind. Why not? I'm always saying how bored I get soloing in games lately.

So I ended up heading back to town to grab some arrows, noticing that they stack up to 1000 now! Yes, that is just how long it's been since I played her. She has the heirloom flying skill (which is so nice), only a 150% flier, so I flew over to the instance and we began. It was actually not the greatest run but I ended up nabbing a new pair of mail boots and some other blue. The tank was learning and the healer kept saying "Help! Help!".. lol. I tried to lay some traps which worked until the rogue went wailing away breaking them every time. I ended up dying three times, but it was nice to just dps, do a little crowd control and not worry about healing the group for a change.

I had a nice time, the group was nice even though they were not that great. Plus I got some loot, a good change of pace. I think I will continue to level her. I really have been in need of a dps type character, one people can't ask me to heal on. It never fails, if I am on a character that can heal I always get asked to. It can be a burn out healing all the time. I think this will be a welcome change and make the game more fun for me again if I continue all the way to 80 with the Hunter. Not a whole lot going on with me, I want to get back into high end content in some game but as a dps role, I just really think I need to enjoy the way there and not rush so much this time around. I may do a little more with the Paladin just to do something. /shrug..

I spent some time in Photoshop recently. It's been quite awhile since I've done anything with it and wanted to make a 'painting' of my favorite Everquest Race, Dark Elves. It's nothing special but I thought it would be a nice picture to add in for this post. I really would love to have a tablet, maybe one of these days I'll get one. Until then I get to use the mouse as my 'paintbrush'. I don't do much anymore, it use to be my biggest hobby. I had some fan art posted on S.O.E.'s fan art section once, lets see if I can dig it up... oh here it is. I did that so long ago. Back in 2003-4. I'm remarried now, that's not my current name listed ;) I've never done anything that great but it was something I enjoyed.

The last time I drew anything was on art.com artpad, that thing is addictive! I took some time to draw some WoW stuff. Nothing spectacular just really fun to do!
Night Elf
Blood Elf

Take care peeps, this inky is off to relax tonight!


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