Thursday, October 22, 2009

What are you playing this October? (MMO)

Maybe if you are like me you end up playing the game that has the best Halloween events. There's quite a lot of fun events out this fall but when the event dailies are over for the day the game still has to be fun. So I've been doing a little hopping around playing this and that. Do you tend to do the same? Or are you a one game type of person? I've been messing around with several games.

I decided to revisit Runes of magic. It's pretty cool for a free MMORPG. I couldn't find any Halloween Events. I suppose I need to look harder. I decided to try out one of the new classes. The Druid was pretty fun. I didn't get very high, slowly working on it when I'm bored. I like that this game has housing. I definitely want to check that aspect out when I get the time and levels. I probably will not play this one too seriously for now, simply because I have too many others I am interested in currently.

Free Realms has really been a blast this month. Last night I did the member Halloween quests and got three costumes, bixie, ninja and a floren. I also got a doggy mask which was cute. It looked like a pug (it was a Gizmo mask!), too cute! I ended up getting the Halloween Pet since it looked like my dog Gizmo, I even named him Gizmo hehe. I also wanted to grab a spiffy new costume, the Vampire Countess Outfit. Too cool. They really did a great job on the costumes. So much to do for Halloween in this game. They just need housing and ponies to keep me forever ;)  It's nice to be able to log in and do the event dailies without worrying about if this or that person has done it. The instance for the event was pretty fun to do solo.

I'm a bit tired of getting dress shoes in the daily spins. How many have you acquired so far? I think I'm up to around six pair. It's still nice to get two spins a day! There is always so much to do, I'm enjoying this game a lot again. I might look for a little guild to join to have some people to do some things with or just talk to. It can get kind of lonely without one in any game. Especially if you don't have anyone you know playing.

I'm still leveling up in Aion on my Cleric slowly. I've gotten a few real nice groups lately. Sometimes when I log in I get tells right off the bat for groups which always tickles me. Feels like the old days in Everquest. I hope the holiday event is a good one. I keep seeing mention of special treats.. please don't base an event on treats. Sure Holiday treats are cool but every game always ends up giving way too many. I want more nifty cool Halloween things! Anyhow it's still pretty easy to find groups at any time I end up playing. Late night or whenever, I like that.

My World of Warcraft account expired after the first day of the holiday event. I'm sure I'll reactivate but for now I'm just kind of jaded by the people being lame over the HH daily. It seems every group I get someone is trying to jump in without a summon. They did the daily with five summons, I suppose they think I don't want five as well? Still it has some cool things to do.

That about wraps it up. Hope you are having as much fun as I am with the Holiday events! Till' next time!

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
No, they eat the fingers separately...



  1. Id like to be getting into those Halloween events!

  2. Fun fun, you should log into your second life account, probably stuff going on there :p




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