Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stay tuned..

I'm still happily playing Aion as you can see. However today I am wanting to take a look at the other priest path I didn't pick, Cleric. I have not done tons of groups yet in Aion but the few I have, I always end healing. So I wanted to see just how the other side of the coin is with a cleric instead of the chanter.

:( Not feeling well today, so it was nice to sit back and just play up another character today. I don't seem to mind doing the Elyos quests again as much as I did Asmodian. Not sure why, I just found it a nice way to spend today while playing.

Anyhow that's what I'm working on today since I'm not feeling well. I want to compare and give a brief outlook on both of the classes. I wish I had more information to go on when picking but sometimes you have to try different things to really know if you picked what you are looking for. So pop back in tomorrow if you are curious about these two classes, starting out ect.. I hope to be feeling a bit better by then.

Stay Tuned..

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