Sunday, October 4, 2009

More thoughts on Aion.

So.. I'm still playing Aion, having a great time. I'm not the biggest PvP oriented person so those thoughts of end game linger in the back of my head from time to time. I'm not one who never PvPs either though. I just like the game so much that at this point I feel I will have to see how it gets as I level higher to know how I truly feel about it.

Currently I'm working on the levels, taking my time, enjoying the game while I do so. I've been a real sucker for getting new armor and weapons the last few levels with my Chanter, who seems to be have enchanted it's way into the spot as my main. I really like this class. My Spiritmaster whom I had my sights set on has taken a back seat. I'm not sure if I will ever pick her back up, probably make one on the same faction as this character if I wanted to play one.

The cool thing about the Chanter class is you can use a mace and shield or if you want a bit of a dps boost switch over to a staff. Chanters get mantras which are pretty much like auras that boost certain stats ect. I can throw heals and keep a HoT on myself in combat, take a few mobs at once and not worry about getting killed. It's just been the class that seems the most fun for me so far.

The more I play, or read up on Aion, I find neat little things I was wondering about. First off would be the NPC in the city where you can "mesh" gear at level thirty. You put one item in you want it to look like, the other you want the stats of and combine them. The end result is the item stats you want on armor you like the look of, but still using say plate or mail yet looking as if in cloth or vice versa. You get the point. I like this a lot I am not level thirty yet so I still have not used it yet, can't wait though.

There is the option to use the Auction House, while it is limited with how many items you can have listed I am glad it is in game. You can also set up your own little shop (hit the Y key), and sell things in a populated area. I find this works quite well as many people are tempted to look in at your wares.

I'm still drooling over the graphics of this game. The landscapes, the armor, just so much beauty within it. That isn't going to make a game but it sure doesn't hurt.

The gold spammers are getting worse and worse by the day it seems. I spend so much time upon logging in blocking them some days. I hope NCSoft finds a way to help with this problem soon, but I will continue to block and not worry too much about it.

Everything costs in Aion. From Skills to binding in a city. However trash off mobs sells well, many items you loot you can sell to other players. Money really isn't hard to make, at least so far, in Aion. I like this, for now I have everything I need.

While I do get tired of running when I can't fly or glide, it's not all that bad. I still miss my mounts from other games. I hope one day that ground mounts can be added in for another travel option.

Some cool emotes I like a lot would be /wings, /sleep, /sit. The emotes in this game are really the best! Each class poses differently while they stand idle, and when it rains or snows the different races do different things (like pictured below), like using a leaf as an umbrella.

There is still much for me to learn yet. For instance last night I figured out if you click the middle (mouse wheel), button the camera spins around so you can see behind the character. This definitely will be a handy thing for PvP as I have yet to find a way to stop the camera from swiveling back when I look behind me.

There is also an option to keep two weapon 'sets' equipped, at the press of a button you can switch out. I like this a lot as I often switch from sword and board to staff.

If you see something you want in the Auction House at a good price, snap it up quickly as things go very fast at times. Armor in particular. I took some time thinking about a chest upgrade and by the time I decided to buy it, yeah you guessed it, it was gone. The next one I saw was triple the price! I eventually found another cheaper but it was still more than what I saw to begin with. Just keep that in mind while shopping.

And that about sums it up. Aion has been a very fun adventure so far. Till next time. -Kaozz

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