Monday, October 19, 2009

Hallow's End, WoW! Are you having fun yet?

So now I'm pretty much settled in here on the new site! I still have some work ahead of me. However I did have some time to log into WoW and check out Hallow's End briefly. For the most part it was pretty fun. The Headless Horseman dropped upgraded items from past events. I didn't actually get anything I wanted, I did get a nifty broom mount that has the set duration, think it is 14 days.

My first group with the Priest was pretty much an example of how rude players are during these events. Much like Brewfest the hubby and I have decided to make our own groups. The first one we did with our Priest and Rogue a group invited us while they had already done the HH daily. So of course they didn't tell us and laughed and sent me a tell saying "PWNED". Typical Are we having fun yet?..

Next round our Paladins. This group was much better, we had someone mad we removed them for not having a summon. Seriously though if you don't have a summon don't waste peoples time. Other than that it went very well, a few of us had the daily twice for it being the first time on these characters. I think this group summoned him eight times. Nothing great in loot, the Mr. won the pumpkin pet which was nice.

It's pretty much the same as last year and the year before. Several dailys, an instance and trick or treating every hour at the end. Plus the nifty achievement with the reward of title "The Hallowed". I don't know if I will finish that one this year, I will be working on it as I can.

Are you having fun with Hallow's End this year? I can see it being a headache like Brewfest.. I guess that's part of how it goes. Other than people trying to get one over on you for a spot in your group without a summon, it can be a really fun event. I think there shouold be a warning to group members joining if someone doesn't have the summon (daily) for the HH. It just takes away from the event when people lie about having this. It's a set duration event, everyone wants an equal chance at the items they want. I suppose some want more than others..

What's the one thing you can't give the Headless Horseman?
A headache! -kaozz

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