Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gaming ups and downs.. (MMO)

Yesterday I got around to doing a few things in WoW. I finally killed Onyxia. I decided to join a pug and give it a go, it went pretty well for the most part. No phat loot for me though, it was fun. I also joined a guild. Well sort of, two guilds. One on the Paladin and one on the Priest. I just want a laid back guild to do things with a few times a week, so I want to get a feel for both. I will have to see how they are, so far the only thing I have gotten out of either was a flop Onyxia raid today. They invite me, fail to tell me it was the last try. Gee thanks! No big deal, just sort of irritating, quit what I was doing just to go get a repair bill. I may just have to suck it up and apply for a decent guild if I want to get anything done. I'm so lazy.. 

Currently I'm trying to work more on a holy set. I've had to change out a lot of hit gear, there's still more I need to get changed out. It's coming along today, I switched out some old stuff in the bank, mostly so I can enchant and gem for the specific spec. Mana regen is something that is harder to get  a feeling for with the Priest after playing the Paladin. I never run out of mana on the Paladin..Ever. However I really want to do more healing with the priest for a change. Plus I can always swtich back to Shadow, which is a ton of fun.

I just get tired of... a stat for this spec and a stat for that spec, gems for this spec, enchants with that spec.. on and on. Dual spec dps/heals is pointless as a Priest or Paladin w/o two sets of gear.  I like to full both roles. However I think after I get the priest a full holy set I'm not worrying anymore on anything else for shadow. It eats me alive some days, all the min/max in this game. I am enjoying the game still but sometimes it's time to log out and not worry about it for the rest of the day/night.

I got a bit annoyed trying to work on a Holy set last night I ended up logging off and playing Free Realms for a bit. I had enough of the gripes of pugs, trade spam full of who ninja'd what. I just enjoy doing my own thing not worrying about this person or that, chatter in guild chat some. Are you saved to the instance? Are you going to ninja loot those items? None of that here. Just laid back playing this class or that on one character. Questing for gear, tickets or money. I worry about what will be left to do once I max out my professions but that is still a ways off.

I worked on getting my Pet Trainer to 10 last night. Luckily I have three pets I can work on and not worry about 'renting' one to train up. The pets learn how to to cute tricks like sitting up, boxing, or dancing. Some of the jobs I dislike. I don't like racing that much, it's boring, demolition can get old quickly too. I got around to trying the Soccer Star.. boring. I ended up with a cramp in my hand. I broke my left hand years ago and pounding the wasd keys to move around quickly aggravated it. So there are three jobs I will never mess with.

I really wish S.O.E. would stop implementing these types of boring jobs. I don't like some of the fast paced ones.  I like to relax and play, not spam keys and break my 'neck' trying to level up. The Soccer and Racing have gotten the most attention. If they keep going in that direction, meh, lets not get started on that.

Yes I'm full of complaints today. I don't know.. I just have so much going on some days I don't want to be bothered with the min max bs, or breakneck games. I just want to relax and get things done. Maybe it's just me, do you ever feel this way? Or do you enjoy a competitive feeling all the time? 



  1. Nice blog - I can see I have some new reading to do. :) I envy you the chance to do Onyxia, I stopped raiding (which sort of meant playing WoW) prior to that patch going live. I think I'm in a space where I'm just kind of playing around, not trying hard to level or reach endgame...but it's not all bad.

  2. Thanks! I enjoy reading yours as well. I don't know if I'll keep pushing forward at this time or just end up taking another break. I just feel so burnt out with WoW...still. It is fun getting into some of these raids, I suppose I'll just have to see how I feel after yet another month lol.




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