Saturday, October 31, 2009

Coolest Pumpkin Ever!

Halloween is almost over.. I wanted to post up a really neat pumpkin we saw. It was so cute, a burger pumpkin! Pumpkin seeds on top, pumpkin for the bun, lettuce, pickles, cheese and tomatoes.

My son had a real fun time, his best friend came along with us and they got a lot of candy. More lights were off than last year it seemed. We even took Gizmo (the coolest little pug in the whole wide world!). My brother ended up chasing him around most of the night lol. I swear sometimes Gizmo is worse than a baby. He thinks he is our little baby, the biggest five year old baby ever!

I had a great time tonight taking the kiddie and his bud trick or treating. It was topped  with some a$$hole trying to hit me on the way home. Blaring the horn turning in the wrong area of the road. Sigh.. I hope the boogie man gets them on their way home.


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