Monday, September 28, 2009

What I've been playing (MMO)... and a go at the PS3.

Often as I complain about this or that in WoW it's still my main squeeze. I finally got around to patching it yesterday after being quite lazy and waiting around to do so. I have been really enjoying the Brewfest daily boss fight. So far I've got a ton of trinkets.. and a Direbrew's Remote for my Priest and Paladin. Makes life so much easier to port straight to the boss.

Other than that I've just been puttering around in game still trying to decide if I want to transfer one of my horde to alliance for a change. I played quite heavily on the alliance at one time so sometimes I miss the cities. No luck with a guild still as I don't play as much as I was. I think finding a guild would make the playtime more rewarding. I just have to find one I'm willing to log on for on a regular basis.

Aion of course my shiny new toy, I haven't had much time to play this one the last couple of days, I hope to spend some time on it this evening unless something comes up. I've had a lot of fun so far, I am taking my time with it. I came across some quick tips for Aion at Massively earlier which I thought were very helpful.

I want to play this game and stick with it as it's such a nice game. However I'm thinking about trying another class possibly. I adore the Spiritmaster class but there's a few things that bug me about it. My pet got taunt at level 13, yay! The thing is.. I have to cast it AND it has a cast time. Kind of annoying. Same thing with the pets special attack. I have to stop my dps rotation to cast that as well. I think the pet class needs a bit of fine-tuning in that area, if you ask me.

Other than that some of the quests objectives are harder to find so I have been checking out this site to help speed some of them up. I am still having fun with it, it's a great game. I'm very interested in how end game will be.

My brothers brought by the PlayStation 3 last night and decided it would be funny to watch me try to play it. They wanted to pick out a scary game that would make me jump, lol, and turned off all the lights so I couldn't even tell which button was what. So after they showed me how to use the controls I gave it a go on the game Fear 2.

I NEVER play console games. My son use to try to make me play Halo on the 360 and I was useless on it lol. The last time I can remember sitting down and avidly playing a console would be the PS for the Tekken series. Oh I loved me some Tekken!

Anyhow it was fun we all had a bunch of laughs as I tried to use both analog sticks to control moving and turning. I shot everything else but the mobs, my husband was rolling at how bad my aim was. All those buttons.. it was some getting use to. I ran into walls and was prompted with "No turn around, go left!" Watch out for the ghost!" Um will it hurt me? However it was quite fun to give it a go. So far I've seen some pretty interesting games and really like the PS3. It's probably not for me as a gamer, but it might be something I'd play on occasion. In the end it was not so scary because everyone kept laughing at my playing ;)

All in good fun. We'd like to get one for Christmas for my son so I thought it would be fun to try it out and everyone loves to laugh at how bad I play it. My hands are molded to a keyboard not a controller. Busy weekend so that's what I've been up to with my gaming.

"Which button is triangle, it's so dark in here I can't see it!!" -kaozz

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