Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My gaming time spent: WoW + Aion = I can't decide which is more fun ;)

I've been pretty busy lately plus I'm spending my playtime between WoW and Aion. I'm having fun with the holiday events in WoW, for the most part. Other than a few jerks in the pugs it has been quite fun. I finally got my priest the Ram a couple of days ago, which made me very happy!

Other than that, I may do a few daily quests if I am up for it, a heroic every few days then log out. I'm having more fun due to the Holiday events mixing things up, I still have yet to do Onyxia though. Just have not had the time really. With the Halloween and Thanksgiving type events there is still more fun stuff yet to come, then to cap it off at the end of the year Christmas.

My husband says he wants to play WoW again so if he does it will give me more incentive to play this game. I will see how it goes before my sub runs out this month. I'm not having oodles of fun but I am having more fun that I was before, then again I'm not playing very much at all.

I have finally sat down to play some more Aion the last couple of days. I decided to try out the scout a bit more. While trying a new class I figured I would try the otherside, Elyos. While I really loved Asmodian race I think I may end up sticking with the Elyos.

Anyhow, the scout was much fun. It did at the lower levels feel as if it relied heavily on cool downs. With bandages there really is no downtime if you stock up on these.

I joined a small friendly guild which has been nice. So far I'm pretty happy in this game. I get to ask questions to some of the higher players, opinions on other classes, things I have not had anyone to ask besides the general chat. However people in chat have been pretty helpful.

I decided to try out a priest as the chanter class just seemed fun. I am almost ascended with her, she might be the one I play up. It just seems the toughest so far, I still want to try the tanking classes a little. I have ranted on being tired of the healing role in games in the past, but.. this isn't a main healer.

So while the game play is definitely different I do want to see other parts of the game to get more of an overall feel for it. I really do enjoy most of the quests, it's a really lovely game, lots of fun classes. The armor looks kick a$$!

So that is what I'm up to. I really can't decide which one I want to play more lately, Aion seems to be winning though just because it is fresh and new. I will always dabble in WoW but for now I think Aion is going to be more fun for me. High end may be another story, I plan on enjoying the climb to the top!

Till next time.




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