Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My 2cp: Aion Day 2

Day two of Aion, still having a lot of fun! Since I am still not high enough to give a real in depth review I am sticking this into the my 2cp section.

So yesterday I left off right before I got my ascension quest. It has been slow getting to level 10, today was my mother's birthday so limited play time this evening. That plus me looking at everything, taking my sweet time. But who cares as long as I'm having fun right?

Today I just wanted to point out a few things I think are cool, and what I don't like after getting more of a feel for the game. So lets get this started!

Leveling. I did have fun leveling my Mage. It wasn't the class for me, however I wanted to be a Spirit Master so I had to trudge though it. What I don't like about the leveling process is you have to level through the set path to get to the class you want to go with.

Each class splits into two paths. Luckily I am very happy with my choice. I really think I wouldn't of had much fun re-playing through the slow leveling process I just did, to find a character I liked more so, all the way back to the ascension again. At least not back to back. While it was fun, it seemed to take longer than some other games. It wasn't bad, I goofed around a lot too.

Things you can't live w/o in an MMO. The dressing room! I am very glad they added this, I love to try things on. Cosmetic gear. Supposedly you can change the look of your gear while keeping the stats. I have yet to find out very much about this but I like the idea!

It seems you will be able to do a gender and or cosmetic change in the future, but for real money. The Korean version had this option added for players already. You can currently pay in game money to change hair colors.
Just an idea on whats (and will be) available:

Dionysia Tavern at the Outer Dock Euripides Gender Switch
Angelic Frippery Shop on Divine Road Maenia Plastic Surgery
Angelic Frippery Shop on Divine Road Tigares Character Colorations

Back alleys of Pandaemonium Plaza Jotunmodr Gender Switch
Angelic Frippery Shop on Prosperity Road Himingleva Plastic Surgery
Angelic Frippery Shop on Prosperity Road Sjalfi

What else? Of course it has auto run, which is great. Jump, cool flips included. Flight Paths and ports are available for a fee.( I do wish there were mounts to be honest) Auction house, bank, shared bank (yay!), mailbox and personal trader mode you can sell w/o any AH cuts taken out. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Stuff you want in every solid game.

Overall feel of the game. The quests are better than grinding, it seems to get more fun as you level for sure. Changes of scenery are always good.

The first big city I have seen, Pandemonium, was an exquisite place. I liked the feel of it, even if it was maybe a bit too large, all of the buildings were a treat to peek into. Fires crackling, comfy couches, lush gardens and cozy rooms full of interesting paintings. I thought this was a nice touch.

I like the sounds in this game. The music really good, I enjoy hearing each new type in each zone I advance to. When your character walks across certain types of ground you can hear different sounds like you would for carpet, grass and stone.

You acquire titles in the game as you complete certain quest lines. What's nice about this is you can get them as you level and they give bonus stats!

The emotes in this game are some of the best I've seen in any game. For instance if you do /sit you find something fancy to sit on.. a flying carpet. Quite cute. /Sleep tips you back to sleep on a soft cloud.

So far I am having a great time. I love the class I picked, it's very similar to my Magician in Everquest. The game is a bit different in some ways, I am still getting use to it. The game has a nice feel to it and plenty of quests to advance you onward.

And of course I think this game is a masterpiece when it comes to art. The lore is interesting, not very in-depth but lore isn't something that will make or break a game for me. I like a game that has nice graphics, good game play, lasting game play at that and neat little things that keep you interested.

Dislikes. The gathering skill is slow, and takes a little time, though you do get xp for it. Also some downtime after a bit of killing but really nothing to get upset about.

At times it seems there's not much direction on the quests. It does give you a vague direction but at times you have to do some looking.

Flying is so limited, you get one minute, which really it's not worth using in certain areas. While it is cool, handy at times... I find myself really wishing for a ground mount also. Then flying wouldn't bother me nearly as much. Running, you do a lot of this. Makes you tired just watching your character do all that running :(

The cities are huge, lovely but with all this running.. makes you realize just how far one end is to the other. I did notice teleporters to different parts, but you pay for that. Not something I wanted to do.

But for now the good outweighs the bad. I will keep updating how the journey to the top goes! Also probaby soon I will give some pros and cons on some of the games I've dabbled in over the last couple of months and why they didn't hold my interest. This one so far seems a keeper!

Till next time. -kaozz

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