Friday, September 25, 2009

Booterang: Knocks sense into worthless, lazy peons. When MMORPGs go meh?

Booternag, I have a new "column" to ramble in. Yay, you get to read the first post, aren't you special. Well you came to visit my site, you must be, and may I add that you have good taste! Ok on a serious note..

"Why it put da booterang on da skin?" I'm going to use it on some games I think need a good booterang ;) Ok some of them don't I just like the Booterang. Maybe not so serious after all.

I is on teh Massively! One of my favorite sites Massively picked one of my screen shots for their One Shots section. First thing I do when I sit down on my machine is light up a smoke and check out my favorite sites to see whats going on. (Yeah sorry, along with my MMORPG addiction there's cigarettes, Dr.Pepper and Coffee) I was pretty stoked when I went there today and saw my DDO character on the front page. I know, I'm a geek. I use to work in the geek-squad.. I guess it's a natural thing, I can't help it :(

Did you notice my new banner? Well if you have been here before maybe you may have glanced at it. It was starting to get cluttered, and I had a couple of characters I drew, which I have taken off, and added a couple new characters of mine ;) Still kinda full but I am happy with it for now. Oh and ECtunnel's twitter got a new look too :D

Anyhow.. I have been wanting to go over some of the games I have spoken about previously and why I don't play some of them, along with what I will be playing again in the future. I seem to have given some reviews/thoughts on them but I never got back to where I was with them currently. I'm not going to go on about them all, just the big ones people may be interested in.

The first one I want to talk about is AoC. I had a fantastic time in this game. However there were certain things I didn't like about the game after awhile. The graphics were great to look at but sometimes it's the little things that bug you about a game.

First off I had my heart set on the Necro which is my highest character. I had fun with other classes I played up also but the Necro was just too cool not to play. What got me was all the pets aggro (yeah the billion pets you get heh), goes to the caster. I just couldn't get past this mechanic. While I put it out of my mind for a bit, as the Necro killed mobs pretty quickly, there was another issue with the pets that just added more aggravation.

*Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud*... wth was that? Oh it seems my pets are random dying off. Recast each dead pet. *Thud**Thud**Thud*. Recast three more. Ok guys come on stop playing around.. lets go across all this water. *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud*.

Ok you get my point? They all died. A mob attacks me, I can kill it. But really it's more of a hassle thinking they are there and turning around to see a pile of corpses.

I did try out other classes but I was not a big fan of melee combat in this game. Honestly no auto attack blows chunks. At this point I wasn't interested in playing the healer I leveled up either, I had my heart set on one class.

The graphics while being some of the best out there were chunky in some areas like characters hair and some animations. Not a huge deal. In some cities after playing it for a few hours it started crashing. Some days it would run fine, others lots of crashes.

I also did not like some of the starting areas, how you were swept away to your homeland at 20. What if I wanted to play a certain class that was only available to one race yet someone I played with wanted another race/class combo stuck to another? I didn't like that. I couldn't even get out of one city until I did a quest chain on my healer. It got annoying.

While it was an exotic game overall even with the annoyances I just seemed to move on to some other new titles that caught my attention more so.

Next up is Champions. This is a love hate relationship I have decided. IMO the graphics are too taxing for this game. While I run it fine, older machines have trouble. The characters can be anywhere from fatalistically beautiful to comically funny. While retcon prices have been smoothed out it really got annoying back then how they were so high.

Superhero or just another fancy pants player among many? Some skill combos are far stronger than others. I had a big problem with this. While I am not a min/maxer I did want to at least have a character that had a decent build. By the time I spoke to other people and searched the forums I just got bored. Either the combo wasn't something I wanted to play or it didn't go with the feel of my character.

There is no direction in this game. I say this b/c really skill choices are flung out at a new player with no feel on what would be realistically good for leveling. What sounds cool in the description isn't always a good choice. Questing was better simply because there was a built in quest helper but other than that the quest descriptions were pretty bland about where to go. Even though it did have an area circled on the map, it was a huge radius, sometimes you had to find a piece of paper that blended in with the ground.

I think the character creation goes beyond many many others. I had tons of fun with this aspect. The animations were sweet! The interface was so-so, but it was doable, easy to use at least. It didn't offer much else in the world that was unique. I wasn't looking for a unique game style I mean the actual world.. it felt bland in many areas.

I will say champions has the most innovative travel skills in any game. They top this one. They surpass Aion with travel currently.The game has some really really cool abilities as far as skills go. I think they might have nerfed the classes upon release a bit much. That's just my opinion. While I do have my complaints it is not a bad game, it is solid, you just have to do a bit of research about builds. Currently I am just not into being a test monkey while they iron out all the kinks. They are not that bad, I don't know I just got... bored very quickly. If you are into super heroes this game might be more for you than I.

While I am on the superhero topic, what is S.O.E. thinking putting out another Superhero game? I just don't think it is going to be a good move for them. Marvel backed out on Cryptic (Disney now owns Marvel...), so I suppose they may feel DC heroes give them the edge. I'm just not feeling it. Get back to work on EVERQUEST NEXT S.O.E. or I'll stick the Booterang on you!!

DDO Unlimited is up next. This game really was captivating. Out of all I have played recently it has been one of the most fun. And of course I had my beef with it. I did not play it nearly as long b/c I hopped over to Champions and it took up more of my play time.

I thought the combat and classes were fun. Dungeons were interesting. However it had a lonely Guild Wars feeling. Not as bad, but still you felt cut off from the rest of the world at times. Other things like getting health and mana back at shrines were annoying, but not a big hinder while playing.

The game has polish and depth. It's got graphics worth looking at, it is charming. This is one that I would consider playing in the future. If I did I would pay for the subscription instead of trying to find the things needed to level found by non-subscribers randomly. ANNOYING- Booterang time for you DDO! I missed having a mount too but I could live with out it I suppose.

So that's all I am going to Booterang on today. These are all good solid games I spoke on. I just have a lot I am interested in lately and have been flittering around from game to game trying to find something more suiting to me.

Currently it looks to be Aion as my MMORPG of choice!.. and of course WoW which will probably always be my fallback when I get bored. EQ is my fallback after that lol.

One day me have dat Booterang!

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