Friday, April 30, 2010

A Peek at New Halas! (EQ2)

Last night I decided to peek in at New Halas. I wanted to see the new area and especially the new housing. The area where the housing is located slightly reminded me of Thurgadin from Everquest. The housing is quite lovely and I really love the huge windows in the room. They may be a little harder to customize but they are gorgeous. I'm still not sure if I will have my next character (I do have to have one on the good side eventually!) will live here or in Qeynos. I am sure I will have one alt, eventually, with a house here!

Anyhow, I took some pics of the new area and the housing. I peeked into few peoples houses on test just to see what people were doing with furniture since I had none of my own on my little level three! Enjoy the pictures.

See ya in Halas!

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Whew... SOE sure had me sweating over the possible changes to mounts and combat! Just a brief update and some thoughts. It looks like SOE hears what the customers want and came to a middle ground. I had faith in them- *cheer!* SmokeJumper aka our new producer Dave Georgeson posted this today on the official forums:

Late-breaking news on this feature! Basically, we hear ya. Here's the details:
1) Mounts will still be suspended while in default.
2) However, there will also be a new graphic option that lets you set your view of mounts to one of three settings:
a) Default (mount disappears during combat, reappearing 5 seconds after you are out of combat).
b) You never see mounts at all. (Useful in raid situations or for low-end machines that are trying to get better framerate.)
c) You always see mounts, even during combat. (Useful for folks that like the way things look now and want to continue seeing things that way.)
NOTE: The mount settings are client-only, so they only affect what *you* see, not what everyone else sees. Their view is affected by their own personal setting.
Make sense?

I am quite pleased that the players were heard and now it seems everyone can be happy. Much thanks to the team for taking the time to listen to our thoughts and input. Now we can resume happily playing! Of course the cities changing is still a possibility but it's not the one that was bothering me the most. At least I can keep my beloved 'Fluffy Paws' out in combat- He's cheering in the pic ;)

See ya in Norrath!

Removing History and Charm (EQ2)

The buzz today about EQ2 is the removal of a couple of things. First off let me say, I detest change in MMO games when it comes to content or little things that make it special. If you have not heard about it:

Mounts will now be temporarily suspended in combat.
Qeynos and Freeport starting areas will be removed.

Mounted combat sets EQ2 apart from other MMO games I play or have played. It's a little bit of charm I like. Often my friends comment that it is cool I can fight while mounted- It is! Don't streamline my game to be just like another MMO when it comes to combat. I think a part of this might be for reasons with lag. However, when you design a game such as EQ2 I wouldn't be worried about it this far along. When you change things drastically after so many years of being a set way, well, people become upset. Yes, it is fluffy but I still want it there. I do hope developers reconsider this, don't take away charming things that set this game apart from others.

I have about six mounts I use. Some more than others, some just because they are cool looking. Really there won't be much use to use them all just for visual reasons if I'm not going to be able to see them in combat. Why not just use the fastest to get me from mob to mob. Sure, a few have bonuses which I may use them for. I suppose into the 'stable' most of my mounts will go. 

Removing these two starting zones isn't the biggest deal but some of us like them. I don't like the removal of scrapping of zones in any MMO. Look at Allods, everyone starts in the same two places, it's chaotic, annoying and packed full off too many people competing over mobs. I wished for more choices where to start. Don't take away choices and memories from us in EQ2.

For that matter, I don't like Gorowyn as an evil character. The guild halls are cool but the city is my least favorite. I don't want to start there over Freeport, even though it's trashed. I wish the evil side had at least one visually beautiful city. One is set in the rocks and cliffs with floors of stone and sand, the other is trashed with citizens fighting, guards kicking and punching those who come near and the other is in a cave. But this topic is for another day...

I was pretty upset when I heard a lot of WoW zones would be changed or just not there when Cataclysm is released. I really don't like to see this happen in any game. You're removing memories and history. Don't recycle content, don't use it for something else and don't remove it. People get upset.

I have faith SOE will do the right thing. I've always had a lot of respect for this company and the way they go about things for the most part. They have an ear for the community. Lets hope they will hear and pay attention to what the players want. 

Just some thoughts, I don't want to get long winded today on this topic. I had a nice little post I wanted to write about but this dampened my mood. Maybe tomorrow.. Any thoughts on these changes?  Or even changes in something you are playing. I'd like to 'hear' what other players think about changes like these.

Stylish Corpse has a lot to say on this, which was a good read. Also another good read, more in-depth than mine, from Ark's Ark. Check out the forum threads to see what other players have said, or put in your own 2cp. Mounts thread. City thread.

Rides off into the sunset- while in combat...

 Also my friend Pouncealot has had a loss recently, head over to see her and give her a hug!
                                  *** Hugs To Pouncie***

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cloud Nine

I've had sort of a busy week but last night I was able to finish up the quest chain for my cloud mount. I was pretty happy as I ended up with a decent set of gear in the process, level 67 and several AA to boot. The mount is slower than some of my others but it is so neat and you don't take fall damage on it, it sort of floats you down. Plus, how cool is that- riding around on a cloud!

I haven't had a ton of time to get stuff done between running around IRL and I was sick one night as well. On the nights I've been really tired I puttered around in my house changing a few things around. A friend gave me some really cool house items, one item in particular I've really wanted in order to finish my fish tank, Tapestry of the Steam Lord. I'll have to post some new pics. I will wait until the Freeport City Festival has come and I've had a chance to utilize those items in my house! I can't wait, it will be here on Saturday.

New Halas has been on test this week, although I haven't had time to peek at it I am excited about it. I will have to make an alt just for that. I've been wanting to make an alt on the good side so I may just have one start there. I don't know if I'll work on it here and there or wait until the inquisitor is 90. Most of the time, in games, I hop around on alts a lot. This time it's been different, I really enjoy sticking with one character. I've always admired friends who really worked so hard on their main, while I was trying to catch up a slew of alts. So, it's a nice change that I am actually enjoying. I am sure I'll make an alt one of these days but for now I really love my inquisitor. How about you? Are you an alt person or do you prefer sticking with a main?

Safe adventures all!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EverQuest 2 Crash Course! (EQ2X Update) EQ2(X) Questions and Answers!

Update 2/11
As of GU59, we're almost ready to head into the icy lands of Velious! Added some information exactly where to obtain starting quest mounts. Some information on the new Freeblood race and more information on EQ2X, housing, flying mounts and DoV. Also keep in mind, when you purchase the current expansion (DoV Currently) it will grant you all of the previous expansions!

UPDATE- 10/10! 
I've actually had to update this guide with the changes added to the game in GU57 and the addition of EQ2X. Some of the information will remain the same, the rest I will leave but merely just to show what has changed. It has taken me a lot of time to do this guide so I will update it the best as I can in the weeks to come. 

There are several changes coming especially with the latest expansion so I will try to keep it as updated as I can, hope it still helps some looking for answers! Any updated information I'll just add in also in *purple*! I will, from time to time, update a few things just to help people along with, be it a good website or a handy tip!

Check out the full notes on GU57- Here. These were some big changes: Travel, UI revamp.. Go read it! Lots of neat changes.


Welcome to the EverQuest 2 Newbie Guide Crash Course!
So, you want to try out Everquest 2 but you don't know where to start! Or perhaps you tried it and just felt a bit lost. Sometimes starting an established game can be overwhelming and it's hard to get into the swing of things. I thought I'd give a crash course in getting started (or returning) in EQ2 and beyond. Feel free to ask any questions I may have missed, I can't cover everything! This will be a work in progress for awhile as I add to it. Any additional info and guides will be linked at the bottom of this page. There is a lot of great information out there but it can be a task to find it all- so I've tried to compile what I can in the first part of this guide. The following parts will be more in-depth on different areas of game play.

Also a note to those that may have the question- You do not need to have Everquest to play Everquest2. These are two separate games, you do not need one to play the other. You can get a station pass to play multiple station games with one account but they remain separate games. 

Already have an account?
Pop back in on a three day pass. Check things out, visit old friends. You can find out more information here!

Getting Started
'I don't see EQ2 in Wal-Mart where can I buy it?!'
Chances are you won't see the latest copy of EQ2 in most stores, the only place I've found it was Best Buy. I picked up my collectors edition there. You can also download it online. The claim rewards differ but it isn't a huge deal. You can find the station launcher (full download) here. Before you dive in let me explain some options! Since DoV Launch- If you want to download the live game, you'll need to now download it here. Having had trouble with the launcher working on one of our computers (still works on the other), I was told [by support] it isn't supported any longer for EQ2. So if you happen to have crashes via the SOE launcher, you may want to try that instead. It, supposedly, is not working due to DoV changes. But you may have no problems with it, it works perfectly for me still.

There are a few ways to get started. If you know someone who plays you can have them recruit you with the recruit a friend program. You basically set up a trial account and go from there once you receive the email invite. Make sure you redeem that code on the new account you set up! If you don't have any friends who play, you can always download the trial just the same. You will find the trial here. If you have additional questions on the trial this guide should help or feel free to drop me a message.

The awesome thing about this trial is all you do is pay the first monthly fee and it's yours. You don't have to buy anything for quite awhile, until you need the later expansion(s). The expansions entitled on the account will last awhile and all you basically do is pay the first month and they are yours, a fantastic deal if you're just wanting to get a feel for it. You're not losing out anything by just doing this.

If you do decide you want to buy the rest of the expansions you can just buy the Sentinel's Fate (or current expansion)  for basically forty bucks and you are caught up. If you start out with the Sentinel's Fate copy then you get a free 30 days. So either way can be beneficial.

If you are not sure you can run EQ2, or any game for that matter, I found a great site that gives you a basic idea if you can. Check out Can You Run It. Also IGN has a Q&A and System Requirements information, you can find that here.

EQ2X- Another Option/Server (Freeport)

With the addition of EQ2X (GU57) it's already out of beta and has it's own server, there is a free to play option. This is a specific server and this game runs separate from EQ2. There is the option to pay a subscription of just play for free, many items and options- À la carte- for those just wanting to buy things here and there. Or you can just play for free, something like a trial that never ends but more than just that. You can check out all the options here. Yes, RaF still works with the normal servers so that is still an option. 

This server is also a very heavy populated server, currently. Check out the forums for any questions you may have. There is also a FAQ. 

What is different about this server? Is it more limited? It can be in some ways. It offers a more robust cash shop which includes gear, yes with stats and all, many different mounts, crafting items, race packs and so on. It's all included on the official site. Another thing to consider is the population, for now it is pretty heavy.

Can I transfer my character there? No, but you can copy it. There are limitations to what items will be copied over so it's best to check it out in the in-game option. You can buy the copy in game in the item shop just as you would a normal transfer. It is not the same price but ten dollars more. It's currently $35.00 USD.


Official Site
Membership plans- Free all the way to premium.
EQ2X- Forums

I'm ready to play!

You need to decide which server you will want to play on. If you have friends you'll probably want to play with them. If not you may want to check out a more populated server. While the servers are far from dead, some are more established than others and you will find more alts and newer players on a higher populated server. I would recommend one of the top three servers. I actually changed servers when I came back to the game to play on a more populated server, I am quite happy I did so. Pick what you want to play on but keep this in mind when starting out! Don't forget to select which server you want upon making the character, it's the last part of creation along with choosing a name.

I also play on Mistmoore (now merged into Permafrost), sometimes, as well as Crushbone,and I enjoy it there also even though it's not the most populated, by far. This is just a little notation after playing on multiple servers- For more current thoughts check out this post.

The top three population servers offer play for everyone:
Antonia Bayle- Role Play Preferred
Nagafen- PvP
Crushbone- PvE

*Also keep in mind EQ2X- Freeport server is a heavy server, it's another option to consider.

I'd have to say it [Freeport] is the most populated with all the crashing lately, especially on holiday weekends. There has been a fix announced in the forums, so if you are playing there and are getting frustrated- It's been said that this will be a thing of the past soon, it is being handled. Whew!

All servers have been merged and are more evenly spread out, the last merge happened this week, as of 2/18/11.
  • Blackburrow merged into Everfrost - Completed Dec 8, 2010
  • Najena merged into Unrest - Completed Dec 14, 2010
  • Kithicor merged into Butcherblock - Completed Dec 16, 2010
  • Mistmoore merged into Permafrost - Completed Dec 16, 2010
  • Befallen merged into Oasis - Completed Dec 20, 2010
  • Nektulos merged into Guk - Completed Dec 20, 2010
  • Nexus merged into Barren Sky (RU) - Completed Jan 25, 2011
  • Runnyeye merged into Splitpaw (UK) - Completed Feb 4, 2011
  • Innovation merged into Valor (German) - Completed Feb 8, 2011
  • Lucan D'Lere merged into Crushbone - February 16th, 2011 
What is the Bazaar server? It's actually one of the lower populated servers, the reason I mention it is because it is a bit different from the rest (besides Vox). You can buy and sell characters, currency and loot through Live Gamer. Check out the official server forums for more info about this server or Live Gamer Home.

Classes and Races ( And Betrayal)
So now that you've decided to play EQ2 you'll want to pick out a class. The game is far easier to solo today than it ever was in the past. I still do see people complain they can't solo or duo this or that. Keep in mind that some classes solo better than others and some duo's work better than others- which is just using common sense. In most cases a tank and healer will go further than two tanks! Remember to use that noggin!

There are twenty-four classes in EQ2. Some classes can only be a specific alignment, but all characters can play together. There is no barrier between characters on different factions. The only problem you would run into would being able to access the same cities if you are on a different faction, which isn't a big deal. The game offers race changes and there is always the option to betray and become the opposite of your class. You can read more here on what betraying is. The races are sorted into three options to chose from basically- good, evil and neutral. Neutral can go to either side.

What classes and races can you play in EQ2X? 
What races? You can't play them all, even if you are a subscriber, with out buying some of them. The best bet is to log in and check it out. You can find more information here. All (only neutral available free) of the neutral races are available and many neutral classes. That should give you more of an idea.

Betrayal and citizenship has been changed some- More information (as well as Halas citizenship) here.

To get an idea of any class play it a few levels and research how to spend AA points. AA points can really help make your character pack a real punch! Take time to just read the stickies in the class forums on how to spec, you don't have to spec any certain way but this gives you an idea on direction. These stickies have a lot of information on each class! There are other outside forums people use but I will always direct people to the official forums since I prefer these- and they are kept clean. If you want to head on over to the others- check out EQ2Flames, don't say I didn't warn you of the occasional pop ups!

If you are curious about the racial traits check out this link. It's the most up to date information I've found. These won't make or break your character but some are handy to have, it all comes down to personal preference.

With recent changes many more classes are now neutral!
  • Neutral: Troubador, Dirge, Ranger, Assassin, Templar, Inquisitor, Fury, Warden, Coercer, Illusionist, Wizard, Warlock, Bruiser, Monk, Guardian, and Berserker
  • Good: Swashbuckler, Mystic, Conjurer, and Paladin
  • Evil: Brigand, Defiler, Necromancer, and Shadowknight
New Freeblood race-
It's the newest addition to Norrath and is available free through the Velious Winter Rewards program. If you missed out on this program the race is still available through the marketplace. The class specific housing and other perks also must be bought separately through the marketplace. My personal thoughts and some pictures, video of the race and some helpful information. More information on the EQ2Wire.
    Class Forums-
    Fighter - Berserker, Bruiser, Guardian, Monk, Paladin, Shadowknight
    Mage- Coercer, Conjurer, Illusionist, Necromancer, Warlock, Wizard
    Priest- Defiler, Fury, Inquisitor, Mystic, Templar, Warden
    Scout- Assassin, Brigand, Dirge, Ranger, Swashbuckler, Troubador

    EQ2 Players Official Site
    EQ2 Players Official Forums
    EQ2 Wiki (Great help for questing and timelines!)
    EQ2 @ Zam (More quest information)
    EQ2 Maps (Get it, use it! Basically a quest 'helper' for the map to locate mobs and quest)
    EQ2 Traders (Tradeskill Information)
    EQ2 Ref (An older list but basically shows the difference between the class spells and abilities, very handy)
    Tips Tricks and New Player Questions  (Invaluable information to the new player)
    LootDB (EQ2 Database- Items, gear..etc)
    EQ2 Wire (Latest EQ2 news and information)

    Moving Along...
    Ok, so now you have the basics covered and links on where to go for information you may still have a few questions.

    What are AA points?
    Alternate Advancement points are points you gain while 'xping' and adventuring. There are several ways to gain them. They strengthen the character and add a flexible direction for the class. They add more or less the ability to fine tune your class as you prefer. For more in formation on each class check the class forums listed above - Also basic information in this in-depth guide to AA points. If you want to check out an AA calculator there is one here.

    Can I respec my AA points or have two specs?
    Yes, you can respec any time, there is a cost. You will need to find an Advancement Counsel NPC. There is also the 'dual spec' option with the Mirror of Reflected Achievements.

    Is there an auction system, I need to sell my loot!?
    Yes, it's called the broker. You can sell items from your house or simply use the broker. You can find out exactly how to use it here. This is probably the most asked question I see in chat, so make sure to brief over it!

    How do I get a house?!
    All you need to know about getting a house can be found here. Remember the city you pick is the one you start out with. You can change to another city of your alliance in the future though. And there is also, as mentioned before, the option of betraying. Keep in touch with others who enjoy decorating or just browse other players house ideas here on the EQ2 Norrathian Homeshow. Curious about what items you can use or where to get them? Check out EQ2 Decorators.

    Another lovely website dedicated to EQ2 Housing- There are currently some lovely pictured on the update ahead of the additions of outdoor areas in several houses across the game. Check it out!

    There will be additions to how many houses you may obtain, with DoV. Certain housing will be able to link up together with regular housing. More of this after DoV launches. 

    Is there PvP in EQ2?
    Yes, there are two different ways to PvP in EQ2. The first is to start on a PvP server, much like any other game that offers PvP. There are two Vox and Nagafen. Vox shares the same exchange rules as the Bazaar server and is a very low population server. The other option is the new Battlegrounds System! The battlegrounds are available for players with characters level 80-90 30- 90 (a recent patch changed the level requirement) and they are cross server. So you will have to wait in the levels, but it gives us something to work towards.  There are rewards as well! For more information check out the the official EQ2 Players page, ZAM BG guide and Ten Ton Hammer's Guide.

    I saw a cool mount, where do I get it?
    One of the great things about EQ2 is all of the fantastic mount options available. Some of them give bonus stats and there are different speeds. For a detailed list on them all and how to acquire them- check this page. 

    In GU57 there were two mounts added in the starting areas. Yes, a free mount for starting players!
    Quested Mounts are the reward for completing a quest line in game. There are four:
    Flying Mounts- 
    Flying mounts will be obtainable at level 86. There will be a quest line and the Freeblood swarm of bats will have it's own special quest line. Until more information is released here's some information to start with.

    What Tradeskill should I pick?
    That is really up to personal preference. Here is a basic guide full of information that may help you decide what would be best for you. EQ2 Traders is also full of information for all your TS needs. Tradeskills in this game are almost a whole different game. There are separate crafting levels, instances and quests. It's really a fun system. 

    What is the benefit of having a guild and guild hall and what is status?
    Guilds are beneficial to have in EQ2 having friends and other players to play with is one reason. Another is guild halls which offer multiple utilities (tradeskill areas, vendors, portals and more) and you are also to use status points when in a guild. For more in-depth information- this is a handy guide I've found answering most questions. 

    Can you use a mailbox in EQ2?
    Yes, you can use any mailbox in a town or along the way you may find one here and there in your travels. You can also have a mailbox in your house, there are several ways to get these such as status, through city festivals or the station store in-game. You can send items and currency as well.

    What is Legends of Norrath?
    Legends of Norrath is the trading card game associated with EQ and EQ2. TCG loot cards are made for both EQ and EQ2, there is an option to choose which game you play. It is available to play free without a subscription or you can access it within the game. You start with starter cards/decks and purchase of additional packs and decks is available. For more information check out the website. 

    What are claim items?
    Claim items are rewards within the game. You can access them with the /claim command. A detailed guide can be found here.

    What is mentoring? 
    Mentoring, this is a system in EQ2 that allows a player to scale down to another group members level. It's one of the most unique things about EQ2. No matter what the gap is between the levels you and you're friends are only a group away. For more information check here. Don't have someone to mentor but want to mentor down still? You can with Chronomagic- You simply use status to mentor down to a specific bracket. Read more about it here. 

    What is a deity?
    Deity quest and rewards- These are beneficial to players awarding special abilities cloaks and deity pets. Check out the list here, click a deity to see the quest line and rewards. If you happen to click on the link listed, be sure to click on the 'Gods' listed to see the benefits, quests, abilities along with quests that are associated with each one!

    EQ2 has an in-game browser?
    Yes, EQ2 has an in-game browser. You can access it in the EQ2 menu or the command /browser. 

    What is the appearance tab and is there a dressing room in EQ2?
    Yes, you can preview items in the dressing room window! Want to know how that new cloak looks before buying it? Simply ctrl + click the item to preview it. Appearance slots are basically for vanity armor. While you wear one set you may not like how it looks and the appearance tab enables you to wear gear you want the look of. You gain access to the appearance tab at level 20 and can only use your up to your own armor proficiency. Fear not, most appearance slot items are cloth (IE; status items, station cash items, holiday items) proficiency so everyone can use them!

    Weapon appearance slots are no longer restricted to being the same wield style of your equipped weapons.

    Coming soon*, mount appearance tab! Coming in GU58!

    Is it hard to travel in EQ2?
    With GU57 travel is as easy as snapping your fingers.. Well if you can't snap.. Maybe more so as the click of your mouse! There have been additions to travel with a new map system making travel across Norrath and in cities much smoother, saving lots of time. This also includes docks, Druid rings and Wizard portals. It's really an awesome change. No more waiting on those slow boats!
    • Inner zone travel locations now support path linking. This means when traveling via sokokar/horse/balloon you will be able to select any location in the zone that is an available travel point and let the mount do the rest.
    • The KOS cloud pads can now teleport you to any other pad within the same zone.
    • Cloud travel around KOS zones can now be done via the Overrealms Tour Agency. They offer tour route services for Tenebrous, Barren Sky, and Bonemire.
    Is there a quest helper?  
    With GU57 there were Map Points of Interest added in. Not for every quest but some will now show up on the tracker. For those you cannot find- Check out EQ2Map and go to downloads, for this add-on.

    Things you might also want to know about...
    Heroic Opportunities
    Spells and Combat Arts- In-depth look
    Fun Spells- You might be curious about these
    Research Assistant- Need a spell researched?
    In-game calendar

    See you in Norrath!
    So now you might have a better idea of what's going on or perhaps a question was answered. Feel free to ask any questions or just say hi! I play Nyomi on Crushbone and Sable on (EQ2X) Freeport server. Any additional information will be updated and listed up top as I can, for this guide, so check back in!

    Additional Information and Guides
    In-Game Events

    Safe adventures in Norrath!

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Change of Pace (EQ2)

    Yesterday was a bit of a chance for me in EQ2. Xailia popped on and we ended up in a group with a Shadowknight headed to a dungeon. Which was pretty fun for a bit, but then that fell apart and Xai and I ended up logging when the Sk had to head out.

    So, later on I hop on to play some more and the Shdaowknight asks me to join another group. I've not had a chance to group with many random people and there were four others, they were all friendly and nice. We set off for the Forsaken City, a dungeon none of us had been to. We had a really fun (even a little crazy) time and it was a nice change of pace for me. The dungeon was a bit tough but it was fun. I didn't exactly get any loot but the xp was nice, and that's what I went for. Plus I made new friends which was rewarding in itself.

    While it took us awhile to get to the instance and we died a few times it was such a pleasant experience after playing WoW. We all know what a mess it can be grouping with random people, in most cases it can be a nightmare in Azeroth. However the community here isn't as rude and I really do notice this when I encounter people in this game. We do have our share of bad people but it's not such a large scale. That right there is something that makes a game a keeper. A great community can really make a game shine.

    I ended the night grouping with Dire, who is now 44 now and I ended up getting 63. Not a bad day of playing. 

    Till next time...

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Cloudy With a Chance of XP (EQ2)

    Today, if you haven't heard, the EQ2 bonus xp weekend starts. I'll be soaking up some yummy xp this weekend. I was pondering making an alt or should I just push forward on the main? Hrmm decisions.. At any rate, I will enjoy the bonus.

    Next week I will probably be starting on a weekly EQ2 guide for newbies, my friend Pouncealot has been curious about the game so I thought I'd just go from there and see how it works out. This weekend I am feeling a bit lazy and yeah I want my bonus xp! Honestly, I didn't sleep well last night so my head is a bit cloudy today.

    My massive Blogroll has shortened quite a bit. Seriously I had way too many blogs listed- Over 70 many which cluttered up my reader causing me to pass over some of my favorite reads at times. If you want to be listed, have me on yours or whatever, let me know and I'll be sure to add you.

    Happy (Late) Earth day. I was um... Cleaning up trash in Norrath so I sort of forgot to mention it ;) Be green or something this week.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Ding 60! (EQ2)

    Yesterday I hit 60 in EQ2 with my Inquisitor, which was a milestone for me. I still have a ways to go to the top but it's nice to finally hit a new number where more things seem to open up. New adventures and places to explore. I'm excited about hitting the cap, though I'm not in a big rush as that will come in time. Dire is now 41 with his Shadowknight, he's moving up as well.

    Last night we had a really nice time exploring Kaladim, along the way we finished up several quests for him there. It's one of the open dungeons so there were a few other players along the way, for the most part though we didn't see anyone else.We cleared the place out and had an all around great time.

    Tonight I suppose we will venture into Rynnyeye, he hasn't had a chance to see this zone yet. He's wanted to mentor down and go back and do Crushbone Keep, I suppose we will one of these days. I think he wants to see it in this game as he has fond memories of it in it's original setting in Everquest.

    I finally got around to finishing the Flying Carpet mount quest yesterday as well. I had to get a couple of levels and a change of my AA points more in line of the battle Cleric didn't hurt either. While it's not as fast as some of my other mounts and doesn't offer any bonus, it is still cool to finally have it. I can always stick it in my house for show.

    So, what is everyone else up to? Anything worth mentioning in what you're playing? See you in Norrath!

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Options (EQ2)

    Yesterday I saw I was listed on the EQ2 Players Town Crier, I was tickled pink! *Does the happy dance*..  Ahem.. Excuse me, I get carried away sometimes. So, if you're new around here feel free to share your thoughts or comments- don't be shy- and have a look around! Today I thought I'd just ramble on about some of the options I've really been enjoying in EQ2.

    First up on the list is Mentoring!
    If you're like me, you have friends who play at different paces and times. So sometimes meeting up and playing together can be tough. Especially if there are level differences. Yesterday a couple of my friends and I decided to do some adventuring. We were 58, 56 and 90. With such a gap in levels, it's always been hard in other games to group with friends on certain characters but here in Norrath, it's not a problem. Which is oh so very nice. We actually had an odd make up of a group Xailia 'The Leeroy train lovin' Wizzy, Landuran 'Tank in TEH FACE Beastlord style' Fury and myself the Inquisitor- We died a lot, had some laughs and got some xp. We had fun and that is what counts. So while we may play at different paces, there is always the middle ground where we can meet up.

    While it is very nice to be able to group with my friends it's also nice to group with my husband, Dire, who likes to stop and AA while I level. So that is a really big deal for us right there. It cuts out on the feeling that someone is being 'left behind'. Mentor down and it's all gravy.

    So you like to play house? Player Housing
    EQ2 was the first game I had a chance to really get into player housing with. It's really a nice option to have in a game. It's not playing house, it's actually fun to design your place, show off your trophies and so on. While it's really a lot of fun to design, not everyone is going to like it for just that. There are nice perks to having a house. Storing your sales crates and selling from your house is handy too or having a door to the guild hall. As the game moves on in levels you still have those things you accomplished in gaining sitting there in your house showing that 'Hey, I did this'. A little piece of Norrath is 'mine'- it's a nice feeling. Some of the designs people do with their houses simply amaze me.

    *Looks for some mushroom rings...* Monthly Events
    I love the city festivals and moonlight enchantment events that happen each month. It sort of breaks things up, giving me something else to look forward to. Plus if you're into the player housing you are surely looking for a little something else to use for props. Even if that isn't your thing there's other benefits- Tradeskill xp for some of the questing and you can always make some money off the items you acquire. Hurry up Freeport Festival!!

    *Click...Whirl...Whirl..Click* Tradeskills
    Tradeskills have separate levels all in themselves. It's a whole different game almost. There are quests, levels, instances and factions just for this part of the game. While I've been slack lately, I know it's out there waiting for me, something different and refreshing to work on. The amount of items you can make is just massive. There are so many different trades you can pick from, there's bound to be something to catch your fancy.

    Looking for something cool? Status
    Status is something that was really new for me. In order to use your status you must be in a guild and have a guild level appropriate to the item's requirement to purchase it. Really it's not complicated as it sounds. IE; You're in a guild it's level 40, you want to buy a status item then you must have the amount of status and guild level required to purchase it. I just love the stuff you can buy- houses, mounts, armor, titles, crafting tools and so on. It's really a neat and unique aspect of the game.

    Status isn't just for buying things, when you gain status it helps level the guild- a portion goes to the guild. So it's a very important thing for guilds and is tied into having a guild. It's one of the nice perks about EQ2 that I enjoy. I like to buy a lot of stuff and then I tire of it at times, the nice thing is I can always sell it back. Whew!

    So there you have it, just some of the things that I've been really enjoying about EQ2 lately. How about you? What are some options you enjoy in-game? You don't have to play EQ2 to share something that you enjoy about a game!


    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    This and That (MMO)

    Recently there's been a few interesting things around the net MMO related, instead of making several posts on each I thought I'd just brush over some of the more interesting things. Feel free to comment or what not.

    So everyone and their brother knows about Blizzard's new mount for WoW- Celestial Steed a.k.a Sparkle Pony. Some people think it's really lame, others love it. If you don't like it... don't buy it. Obviously enough people like it to have already spent around 3 mil on it.. Yikes- That is a lot of sparkle ponies! I thought about checking out WoW again and grabbing one. Yes, I briefly had the urge to play. After thinking on it, I decided I just don't have it in me to go back currently. Maybe in the future...

    Aion patch 1.9 is on the horizon.You can read the Korean notes here. While there are a lot of nifty little changes, where's all the cool stuff they mentioned awhile back? You know... houses, mounts and so on. I suppose there will still be a wait on that. Wake me up when they add in the good stuff...

    I recently saw an article on Massively talking about a game that is aimed at women. What do they think women players want? Listed was: episodic content, unique shopping experiences, high fashion, art design, and intimate encounters, all in a tropical island setting. Intimate encounters?! Gross... Shopping.. Really that is just... insulting. Why not add cooking and sewing also?! Sure, I like my share of fluff but some of those are really aimed at the brain dead- not women-  minus the art design that is an odd one to throw in there. Give me some monster face to smash... not some island adventure full of shopping.

    Anniversary celebrations! There a few around the corner. Guild Wars- What way else to celebrate but with war, right? I may have to check in for the War in Kryta. Middle Earth is Celebrating the LoTRO anniversary this month also, it looks interesting. Free Realms is to have an anniversary soon, still nothing new on it.

    Everquest 2 producer Brenlo steps down and moves on. Best of luck to him. Zam has an interview with the new producer Dave Georgeson, check it out here. Also while on the EQ2 topic, if you haven't seen the new Halas video be sure to check it out. Last but not least, EQ2 has a new passport program for players. Don't feel like paying for a month but want to pop in and check things out? Well now you can pay for a three day passport and do just that. A very interesting way to pay for a small amount of play. Great to check out the game again or pop in to see some old friends. It's also cool for those players that just use accounts for storage or boxers. Read more about it here.

    And... That's all I have time for today ;)

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Happens All The Time

    Just because I need a good song this evening...



    Tonight, well actually in the wee morning hours, the Moonlight Enchantments begin in EQ2. I still want several things for my house, so I've been waiting around for this one! I am still patiently waiting for the Freeport city festival as well. The Moonlight Enchantments are fun, easy and a nice change of pace. I'm waiting eagerly to visit these magical enchanted mushroom rings!

    I've been working steadily on AA points. I am up to 59 currently, still sitting at level 57. I am cleaning up on some quests I skipped over or just didn't see before, trying to gain as many AA I can while questing, before working on the levels again. I think tonight though we will do Split Paw for Dire, he likes to do the instances a lot. This weekend he spent most his time finishing up Butcher Block soloing quests. It kept him out of my hair (Ha ha! Just kidding!).

    In my last post I mentioned my brother trying the game. Sadly he just didn't take to it, not wanting to learn everything over again. He commented, it might be different if it was a great game. But it is a great game! He also made the comment that if there was something new I'd be off playing it over EQ2. Eh, I don't think I'll be going anywhere for awhile, I'm tired of changing games and happy where I am. So now it's just Dire and I playing. Which is fine, I am glad we made the transition back to EQ2 and I think we will make it to high end and stick with this one for the long haul.

    Reflecting on the past few months, before picking up EQ2 again, I was looking for a game that would offer much for us to do and keep us interested. Sometimes I miss EQ, I miss the old zones I loved so much, not the more recent ones- I think it's the people I miss the most. It's all in the memories I suppose. Or I will have a moment I miss WoW, thinking of old friends and adventures. Then I remember it's not the same without some of those people and the way it was. I am happy with EQ2 and it's a nice place to be!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Perspectives (EQ2)

    Yesterday I spent most of my play time questing in the Sinking Sands formerly known as the Oasis of Marr (In EQ). It was new and old at the same time. New because I haven't really had a chance to explore there much and old because it reminded me of the original EQ zone. There were the docks (TRAIN TO TEH DOCKS!11), specters, sand giants, spiders, dune beetles, mummies, and so on. It really was neat having a nostalgic feeling but being a different game altogether. I think this helps immerse, me at least, into the game.

    I'm actually a bit high for just starting here. I hit 57 then decided to stop and AA for a bit. So, I wanted to go back and pick up some of the quests I missed and get a bunch of AA xp while I was at it. I finally moved from the Cleric AA tree to the Inquisitor tree and my perspective of the class has really changed. I've heard mixed reactions in the past when asking which was the better priest for DPS. Some people claim the Inquisitor is very slow and painful and then other claim they are awesome when you get the AAs you need. What I'm working on now is turning my spells into combat arts which just floored me with how different the play is. It can seem rather slowish until you get to this point. No more slow casting, bam-bam numbers flying! It's really nice to see the class open up to being a dps oriented priest. A battle Cleric for sure. I enjoy being a healer but being able to solo well  is important to me also.

    It's also nice to group with Dire and do a little dps, the CAs cast faster than spells, allowing me to throw in some heals in between, which is nice. Plus my mana regen is much better than it use to be! Last night we finished up a heritage quest and I ended up banking a few more AA. He is much lower than I still, sitting at 36 with close to 60 AA while I have around 53. I finally took his advice and started working on AA again.

    On another note, my brother is thinking about playing. He got bored with his venture back to WoW- rather quickly. I think he would really enjoy EQ2 if he got a feel for it. He complained about it feeling foreign, as far as the controls go. The only advice I can give is that any new game feels odd when you first start, one day it just snaps into place and feels right. But that takes time and then it's not so weird and strange feeling. I honestly don't think there is anything else that would hold his interest long term so I took some time to show him around the game last night and let him see what he hasn't in the past. He now has a different outlook on it and really liked what he saw, so I hope he gives it a chance and comes to play with us!

    It's sometimes hard to convince someone how great a game can be. If they are use to a certain game for years it can be hard to adjust to a new one. Though sometimes a game can really be appreciated more so if someone takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes- You don't feel so overwhelmed as if you are drowning out there on your own. I know it would have helped me in the past. It took me many times trying EQ2 to get a real feel for it. So how about you, reader, do you feel it's harder to start a new game or do you like to just jump into something new? Or maybe you've had a hard time trying to get friends to play something with you but they don't see how great it is? What do you try to show your game off?

    Have a great weekend!

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Home Sweet Home (EQ2)

    I've been wanting to change my house around a little bit lately, I finally got around to it yesterday. It's still not exactly as I want it, but I am pretty happy with it for now. So today I thought I'd post a 'tour' of it. If anyone would like to visit it, it's open to visitors on Crushbone Server- (Nyomi) 3 Walk of the Dead, Neriak.

    I did have my 'garden' upstairs for awhile. I actually made an extra room upstairs and decided to keep it for the 'coolness factor'. Just being able to add a room is so awesome. It is merely some flooring and walls I used. This room is now the aquarium room. I wanted a larger aquarium than I had previously so I thought I'd try my hand at it.

    The next room up is my garden room, I moved it downstairs. It's one of my faves. I do wish I had an outdoor type room like Freeport or Qeynos but this is enough for now.

    The kitchen is still a work in progress but I am happy enough for now as it is. I want to put some walls up, I will wait until the next city festival comes around though.

    The bedroom is simple, I still have some ideas for it in the future.

    My window room. I really like this room a lot, probably the most. I wanted to create a window that gives the illusion of looking outside. There are paintings for the background, I added trees and grass for props. It was my first try at creating a window, it even has some 'sky' if you angle the camera to look up.

    My entry room. I just don't know what to do with this room really. There are so many doorways that is it hard to place anything in here. I just keep it as my little 'sales' area for now. This is the room I made my aquarium room above, you can see my stairs leading up to it.

    Dining room. I wanted to keep it elegant looking and simple, it has stairs leading straight to the kitchen.

    The study. This room I will probably change when the Freeport Festival comes around. It will keep the layout most likely, just having the different wall dividers. I even made a 'door' leading into it. I noticed when posting this picture there is flooring clipping into this room.. bah it will have to wait for another day to get fixed!

    Hope you enjoyed the tour!

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Lava Cows and Halas (EQ2)

    As I continue to play Everquest 2 I am moving beyond the quests and areas I adventured in previously. I think the problem I had in the past was making too many alts and not focusing on one therefore burning myself out before I got very far. It is nice this time around sticking with my Inquisitor, moving ahead and achieving things I have yet to experience.

    Over the past few days I've been working on the Sootfoot Talent Society faction and quest line in Lavastorm. The best reward is the mount (pictured above) The Sootfoot Spiky Lava Cow. It's not as fast as my other mounts but it has some nice bonus effects, such as mana/health regen and bonus hit points. For the most part the chain was quite easy, one part required me to travel to Sol Ro which I needed some help with. I actually found some adventurers in there and asked if I could team up with them for this part. They were a nice pair of friends, helping me complete it and we had a fun time, ending with a well timed evac! 

    I was very happy to get this mount, it felt nice accomplishing something new. The faction merchant also had a some other nifty items so I picked up a few things for my house as well. I think I will head on to the Sinking Sands for now, I am halfway to 56. The quests seem to roll by smoothly and I have a lot fun along the way. 

    When Dire is home and playing we have been working on Heritage quests. He has quite a bit more status saved from these than I do. I tend to spend mine quickly, but I can always sell anything I don't want back for full status value. So I don't see it as a waste. It seems two of my good friends have taken leave. One has taken a break while he puts more focus on exams and the other has just dropped off the radar. I won't be going anywhere though. I've planted myself firmly, this time, into the soil of Norrath. I really enjoy the game more and more as time goes by.

    There are some new pictures of the Halas housing! They look gorgeous, check them out here. I can't wait to see them in game. Props to the design team on those, they are so cozy.

    See you in Norrath!

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Dante's Inferno (Animated)

    Awhile back I picked up Dante's Inferno (PS3) for a few days but we never had a chance to finish playing it. It was actually had a storyline I liked a lot. It was pretty interesting and I was wondering how the story ended. We like to watch anime sometimes. Dire is a big fan of Trigun and my son loves Bleach, I prefer Trigun and Full Metal Alchemist. I don't watch as much TV to keep up with them though and we still have several sitting around waiting to be watched. We recently watched Blood (anime) the Last vampire which was pretty good too.

    So when I saw the animated Dante's Inferno on DvD I had to pick it up. I was happy that I got to finally pick up on the story and find out what happens, I may still read the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I think it was a tad too dark for Dire though. I suppose I tend to like dark stories.

    If you played the game and liked it you will surely enjoy this one. As a gamer I thought it was a pretty epic. I won't go and spoil it other than saying it was a great story of redemption. Dante is a character I really like. He has his flaws but who's perfect, right? The man goes to hell and back to save his beloved! Check out the video.


    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    The Slow Decline (WoW)

    I don't actually play WoW currently. Someday I may again, though I've been on hiatus for several months. I suppose I still write and wonder about WoW because someday I would like to play it again but I can't seem to get past what it really is today- A far cry from what it started as. I do still have multiple sites in my feed reader that update me on what has been going on lately and other players views. I also like to keep up with many games, even if I am not playing them. I was wondering lately if WoW is starting to decline. Maybe not at a fast pace but more of a slow trickle. I think so.

    I've been holding this in my drafts for a few weeks and decided to finish it up as I've seen many players in the past few months quit and ponder (much like myself) if they will head back for Cataclysm. I've seen many friends quit or those who just quit from boredom to wait it out. Reading the class changes, that have been the hot topic for WoW lately, I've seen a lot of mixed reactions. There are some very unhappy reactions to some changes, others are welcomed. This doesn't seem to be the direction the game really needs.

    I do wonder though if the company is shooting itself in the foot with letting players use tools to abuse others. You know what I mean-  Add-ons. These tools can be useful but more often than not they are used to make players feel inferior and to set (ignorantly) high standards and ultimately (IMO) destroy a community. Sure there are guilds out there that get along fine and play together all the time. How about the new player trying to make their way into the end game being bombarded with all of this?  Is this game really inviting, in the end?

    I'm not going to beat a dead horse this time- I promise! I'm just going to throw it off a cliff! 

    The next thing on the list of reasons for decline would be content. I've beat this one to death, I know. I should let the poor horse die, right? There will be a time when WoW isn't the most popular game around, what will it have to offer that is so unique? Sure it set the bar for a lot of today's standards, but is it really a standard MMORPG games needed? Gear scores, racing the dps meters at a blurring pace with the community stretched into instances with cross-server groups. I want my 10 man UBRS days back. Those were some fun groups, where is the fun today? You can never go back, so what now?

    I think more and more people are burning through the content and burning out, for a number of reasons. If a MMO is your hobby then you realize just how much an expansion in a timely manner can really refresh a game. Blizzard still hasn't caught on to this and no they are not floundering... yet. I don't wish doom and gloom on WoW, I do want to see it flourish many years still! I just think the game has taken on a toxic persona. It's pushing people away slowly. For whatever reason, are you logging in as much as you use to? Are you still having as much fun? It's just not one thing, it's the game as a whole.

    I know the game has been more accessible lately than it was in, say, Burning Crusade. I respect the fact that Blizzard tried to incorporate more players into heroics and raids this expansion. I just don't respect the fact that people are more elitist than ever, the content is stagnated still and the expansion seems to focus more on class change than new content. Seriously add in some new classes, oh we couldn't rock the (PvP) boat with more balance issues...

    Classes, one word sums up the direction here: Homogenize. They all have a uniform feeling. What is really unique about the classes anymore? With this expansion they seem to blend together more so than ever. Another year no more new classes, there will maybe be one more hero class, as I see it. Give me a new class to play my new race with! I think this also adds to the stagnation for players. They have played everything, some several times over. Admit it, you have played some classes up more than once!  I also wonder how heavy PvE players can stick to WoW these days. PvE has been beat repeatedly with the nerf bat because of PvP, it makes one want to scream thinking of all the changes and nerfs. The abilities should be changed to function differently in PvP and PvE. They can do it, they already have with several functions within the arena.

    Someone asked me the other day why I didn't play. Then they asked if it was because I played it so long. No, I had fun for a long time. The direction, overall, has turned me away. I also made the point that I've played Everquest for ten years and don't have a fraction of the ill feeling towards it as I do WoW.  This isn't just a rant on my feelings towards the game, just some observations as a long time player. Just some thoughts, feel free to comment!



    Change is good once in awhile. I decided to change the banner and rework my icons on the side bar to look smoother with the blog. I am always trying to perfect my blog >.<  I suppose it's the artist in me. I am getting a digital tablet this week for my PC, I've always wanted one! I can't wait to get my hands on it and start doing some new art with it. Feel free to let me know what you think of the new look here. Enjoy!


    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Ding! (EQ2)

    Recently I hit the level 50 mark in EQ2 with my Inquisitor! I am now halfway to 52, the highest I've yet to be in this game. It's getting to be more exciting to move on to content I've never experienced. Those sparkles in the pic above are from my level 50 fun spell, Unholy Aura, things like this are nice about the game.

    I'm currently sitting on around 42 AA points, soon I will probably stop and just gain some AA levels for a bit. My partner in crime, Dire, is 36 now but he is working hard on AA points. He has around 51currently. We spent some time questing in Nektropos Castle which was quite fun. We finished all the quests there this week/end and also completed two heritage quests that involved a lot of time in there as well. The tank and healer combo is really great for us. It is nice taking the time and doing these instances I've never had a chance to explore. The game really opens up when you have people to play with.

    My son actually wanted to try the game also and has a little Wood Elf Monk. I'm not too sure if he will stick with it but he was telling his uncle, the other night, how cool it was- That he should have come to EQ2 instead of back to WoW (LOL). Once again mentoring will be really great, if he sticks with it, to be able to help him and play along with him. We will have to see how it goes though.

    Some of my friends are not playing as much these days. I think one has quit, I suppose he is busy with other stuff. We recently joined another guild (upon much thought) because it is just very dull not having people to talk with and just 'have around'. I intended to join another briefly to use my status and see how it was. But Dire has joined also and it's really nice to have people to help out with questions or just talk to. As I said before, people enrich the game. If the old guild picks up I'm sure we'd go back in a heartbeat but for now it's really nice, for Dire especially, to see what the game offers with guilds. Portals, a huge hall, status items and friends. We have met some really nice people in the guild which is a bonus!

    Have a great week all!

    Saturday, April 10, 2010


    I think what I like about EQ2 the most is that- there is always feels like something to do. I can craft and work on my crafting levels, harvest, quest, duo, group, work on my house, do status quests and so on. What holds together a good MMO is depth. Keeping busy, lots of things to do. I also like fluffy things like my shiny appearance slot armor pictured above. I want to look cool! Not like a fruit loop...  I look forward to crafting more so once I max out my adventure level and raiding possibly but more so seeing high end content as a whole. Another thing is an expansion a year (or pretty darn close). I remember hearing people complain about waiting around for a year and thinking how lucky they were, when I played WoW! I think it's a good balance for me overall.

    I start this out with talking about what keeps me interested because my brother just went back to WoW. I did try to get him into EQ2 instead but he will play what he wants in the end. He has had quite a few burn outs on the game though. I have taken my share of breaks, if ever I do go back it will be as a Worgen or a Night Elf Mage. Something different for me. As I was saying, my brother went back again and it had me thinking about the game. There was a point where I still wanted to play but it wasn't interesting. I didn't want to raid or either it was just boring doing that same fight over again. Heroics got dull, old world was pointless unless I wanted achievements that really mean nothing in the end. Sure I did it, I've done it before on other characters. I know I did it, that's all that matters to me. As far as achievements go, that's my stance. Unless it gives me a kickin' title, well I don't mind that ;)

    In the end I suppose there were no goals. The raid goals I had earlier in the expansion for gear, well they were now worthless gear- with a bad 'gearscore'. My Paladin I was proud (yet left to sit for awhile) of may as well been a fresh 80, because heroic gear was now better than my Naxx gear. I was locked out of several heroics still because my raid Naxx 10/25 raid gear was too full of fail! My Druid was much better geared but I found it ironic upon trying to pick up the Paladin. At this point I felt 'Why Bother'.

    I think I ended up picking EQ2 over EQ without realizing it. I don't think I had any goals besides getting AA points in Everquest. It just seemed a long haul to an expansion that would kick my A double S. Sure I could lower my goals to the older expansion and not set foot in Underfoot but what is the fun in that? I didn't experience it first hand, no. I do know mobs in Everquest are unlike those in most MMO games today, they mean business. They hit like a Mack truck, quad, enrage, rampage summon, complete heal, and scare the 'bejebus' (whatever that is) out of me. I suppose knowing how hard mobs can be, it made me chose the more casual solo duo friendly out of the two. I will never truly quit Everquest. I just take vacations here and there ;)

    Speaking of vacations, my bud Xailia over at EQjunkies has come off his writing vacation, check him out :) One of my favorite gamer girlies Pouncealot (she kicks arse and takes names) had me pondering more so on the topic, with her recent post. So how about you: Do you have goals you like to work towards? Are goals important to you, may they be small or on a larger scale?


    Friday, April 9, 2010

    TGIF: What's New?

    Sometimes I actually step away from Norrath to see what is going on in other MMO games, I do! Even though today I'm quite consumed with the Norrathian Homeshow  . I love to see what people have done with their houses, it's quite interesting. Anyhow...

    It seems WoW is adding in a new RaF mount. The Zevra will be retired (you keep it if you have it currently) and the new mount will be for future RaF rewards. It's pretty neat, a two seat flying mount. I'm not too sure about the speed, you can check out for a picture and see what's the blue word on it.

    Speaking of WoW there are a lot of changes incoming for Cataclysm. Priest get Leap of Faith, Death Knights get Blood as a primary tanking spec and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure some of these changes will be welcome, but I feel for priest having another mechanic to have to be responsible for- I died because YOU didn't move me out of the fire! Ugh.. It boggles me how much the classes get changed around these days. I do wish they would focus on more to do high end though. It seems the expansions are just used up way too quickly. Maybe Cataclysm will be better in terms of more content to enjoy, we can only hope. has tons of news on all the changes and you can always find the latest info on the official site.

    It seems Mythic had an Oops! Players were getting billed more than once (up to forty-four times one player has reported), even when the subscription had been canceled! Yikes, I would really hate see that show up on my statement. I think I'd be pretty livid. I do feel for Mythic, this makes them look bad and really makes one weary of dealing with this vendor. What a nightmare that must be to see this show up on a statement. Here is the response from Mythic.

    Free Realms is having a birthday bash this month. April 29th will be a day for parties in Free Realms. Not much information is out yet about the event but you can check here for the official word. I'm sure this event will be pretty cool as all of their live events have proven to be a lot of fun in the past. Happy Birthday Free Realms!

    Also a new MMORPG Mytheon is in beta currently. It looks kind of interesting, I assume it is a FTP. I don't know much on it but it did catch my eye. If you're looking for something new and interesting it might be something to watch. Check it out here

    Well enough time away from Norrath, I must return! What's new with everyone, anything interesting going on in your neck of the woods? Have a great weekend peeps!